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Used by millions

SwiftKey's innovative keyboard technology is currently embedded on over 200 million devices. Partner to give your users the fastest, most efficient way to type.

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SwiftKey Partner Program

SwiftKey Partner Program is a tiered accreditation program that offers partners full access to our innovative keyboard app. The program comprises clearly-defined offerings with a sliding scale of services to suit partner needs.

We work with partners to address their go-to-market urgency and need for innovative, reliable technology. We offer greater access to our product portfolio and autonomy over processes such as installation, device testing and more, to encourage a stronger, more collaborative partnership with SwiftKey.

A better experience for your users - and you.

the swiftkey sdk toolkit

The Partner Program is focused on delivering our award-winning keyboard app to users.

By empowering users with frequent updates and core experience improvements, this delivers the best possible experience and offers unrivaled flexibility and value.

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