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Why do I need SwiftKey Cloud?

SwiftKey Cloud is packed with features that make the SwiftKey Keyboard experience even more powerful. It learns from your typing habits and gets better over time, ultimately saving you time.

Personalization options help SwiftKey get to know you even better, creating a fuller language profile to reflect your unique writing style. Backup & Sync safely stores your writing style and syncs it across devices. Trending Phrases keeps you current with the day's hottest words and phrases. Through the SwiftKey Store, you can discover beautiful new themes and manage this content with ease.

Backup & Sync

SwiftKey Cloud safely stores your learned language data and syncs it across your devices.

If you lose your phone or get a new one, you won’t need to retrain the keyboard. Re-enabling SwiftKey Cloud will bring all of your personalized insights right back.

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Trending Phrases

Update your keyboard every day with topical news, sports and entertainment phrases, as well as what's trending on Twitter.

Trending Phrases currently supports the following languages:

  • English (AU, CA, US & UK)
  • German
  • Korean
  • Spanish (ES, LA & US)
  • Arabic
  • Hindi
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Dutch
  • Indonesian
  • Portuguese (PT & BR)
  • Turkish
  • French (FR)
  • Italian
  • Russian

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Improve predictions by letting SwiftKey Cloud learn your writing style from a range of online services.

Personalize with one simple click from your Gmail, Facebook, Evernote, Google+, Yahoo! Mail, Twitter, RSS, and SMS accounts/archives. This improves SwiftKey Keyboard's accuracy as the app has a greater understanding of the words and phrases that matter to you.

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New Themes

With SwiftKey Cloud, you can access our exciting new store full of free and premium themes for your keyboard. Downloads from the SwiftKey Store are tied to your Cloud account, meaning they stay secure and you can use them across all of your devices.

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+ How do I enable SwiftKey Cloud?

Signing up for SwiftKey Cloud is quick and easy: enable Cloud during the installation process, or from “Settings” after upgrading. In the installer, create your SwiftKey Cloud account by simply tapping ‘sign in with Google’, and following the onscreen instructions.

+ Can I use SwiftKey Keyboard without SwiftKey Cloud (or with just some of the features)?

Yes, SwiftKey Cloud is an opt-in service, giving you complete control. When installing SwiftKey Keyboard, you can choose to not create a SwiftKey Cloud account, or you can delete your existing account directly from “Settings”. Likewise, you can activate or deactivate Backup & Sync, Trending Phrases, and/or Personalization.

We’ve worked hard to design SwiftKey Cloud to improve upon the SwiftKey experience you know and love. We recommend taking advantage of all four aspects of the SwiftKey Cloud experience.

+ How secure is SwiftKey Cloud?

We take our users’ privacy very seriously and ensure your information is protected and safely stored. SwiftKey Cloud is an opt-in, secure, encrypted service and gives you full control over your information.

Our privacy policy explains and protects your rights and privacy. Read it in full at You can also read more about our approach to data security on our Data Security Statement at

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