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OnePlus puts the spotlight on SwiftKey’s Joe Osborne

March 26, 2015

Cat of OnePlus writes, “For our very first installment, we talked to Joe Osborne, the lead developer of the team who revamped and esteemed scientist Professor Stephen Hawking’s communication system. Using SwiftKey’s technology and NLP, Osborne’s team helped improve Prof. …


USA Today recaps SwiftKey/Evernote dinner at SXSW

March 23, 2015

John Shinal of USA Today writes, “Yet Medlock sees AI as ‘inevitable’ as ‘the mechanization of knowledge work.’ He thinks the important question in the debate is, ‘How can we minimize the impacts of bad actors – human AND automated?’ It’s …


Why Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Look Like a Smartphone Keyboard

March 16, 2015

Rafe Needleman of Yahoo! Tech writes, “”The future of artificial intelligence is autocorrect,” Ben Medlock, the co-founder at SwiftKey was saying. We were at a dinner during South by Southwest, hosted by SwiftKey and Evernote, and the discussion had turned …

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5 of the best mobile apps for nonprofits to help your productivity

March 10, 2015

Tim of Miratel Solutions, Inc. writes, “SwiftKey seems to be the most popular third party option as it bring wonderful responsiveness, swipe typing options and by far the most valuable predictive typing system on the market per reviewers. SwiftKey rapidly …


Oscars 2015: The Technology That Gives Stephen Hawking a Voice

February 24, 2015

Alyssa Newcomb of ABC News writes, “Intel said it was able to increase the efficiency of Hawking’s system by integrating predictive text technology from SwiftKey. The software knows Hawking’s communication patterns, meaning he has to type less than 20 percent …


SwiftKey will ‘make you the master of productivity’

February 19, 2015

Erica Murphy of Levo League writes, “Do you ever get really annoyed when you’re trying to talk to your friend about how awesome Kate Middleton is and Apple autocorrects the name “kate” to every single other word ending in “ate”? …

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SwiftKey makes senior appointments

February 18, 2015

Ryan Fowler of Tech City News writes, “Prediction technology firm SwiftKey has made a number of appointments with senior figures from Google, and Cable & Wireless all joining its team.”


SwiftKey named to ‘5 can’t-miss apps’

February 9, 2015

Karissa Bell of Mashable writes, “Keyboard replacement SwiftKey rolled out a major update to its iOS app, adding 11 new languages and improvements to its iPad version. iPad users can now take advantage of the app’s “Flow” feature, which allows …


Fitness names SwiftKey to ‘Top 10 time-saving productivity apps’

February 6, 2015

Anna Hecht of Fitness Magazine writes, “Let’s set the scene: You’re furiously typing a quick text or email to your hubby, BFF or co-worker…and hitting the backspace button to fix autocorrect on every other word. Save yourself the time—and frustration—with …