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‘Here’s how people in different countries use emoji ‘

April 22, 2015

Jonathan Fisher of BusinessInsider writes, “They organized 800 emoji into 60 different categories, and were able to gather some pretty interesting facts. Analyzing emoji sent from 16 different languages and regions, they found out that happy faces were the most …

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‘Smile: happy faces are top emoji choice’

April 22, 2015

Ami Sedghi of The Guardian writes, “Hearts seem to be the most popular for French users with the heavy black heart emoji and sparkling heart the top two choices, followed by the face with tears of joy. For users of …

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A ‘Fascinating Breakdown of Emoji Use by Country

April 22, 2015

David Stout of Time writes, “In a new report published on Tuesday, British app developer SwiftKey drew some conclusions after analyzing over 1 billion pieces of emoji data taken from communications made in 16 different languages.”


‘The largest single database on emoji usage trends in existence’

April 21, 2015

Robinson Meyer of The Atlantic writes, “The report [from SwiftKey] describes global trends in emoji usage and breaks them out by country and by language. Like nations themselves, it seems, emoji usage is also shaped by culture, climate, and geography.”


‘Interesting findings from giant emoji study’

April 21, 2015

Megan Friedman of Redbook writes, “SwiftKey, an app that gives you a more streamlined keyboard on your smartphone, analyzed more than a billion emoji used by people who speak 16 languages.”

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Fast Company covers SwiftKey’s first Emoji Report

April 21, 2015

John Paul Titlow of Fast Company writes, “Measuring universal emoji usage is a pretty tricky endeavor, but if anybody is equipped to try, it’s SwiftKey. The company makes a popular third-party keyboard for Android and iOS…”


SwiftKey a ‘no-brainer’

April 16, 2015

Sahil Mohan Gupta of India Today writes, “SwiftKey was perhaps one of the first third-party Android keyboards to hit the Play Store and in the last few years it has cemented its position as the best keyboard for Android. It …

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10 things you should know about SwiftKey Keyboard

April 14, 2015

Deepak Singh writes, “A perfect keyboard is very important part of your Android experience. This could single handedly make a large difference to how much, how often and how efficiently you use your smartphone. SwiftKey is one such keyboard which …


SwiftKey named to ‘coolest free iPad apps for 2015′

April 8, 2015

Tyler Lacoma of Gadget Review writes, “If you send out a lot of messages and texts via your iPad, or find yourself composing a lot of tablet emails, try out SwiftKey. It has algorithms that pay attention to your writing …