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SwiftKey’s Frozen themes now available

December 16, 2014

Edwin Kee of Ubergizmo writes, “The branded themes will be made available to the masses…and it will comprise of not one, two, or even three, but half a dozen (get that!) Frozen themes.”

SwiftKey CTO weighs in on AI debate with BBC

December 8, 2014

Professor Stephen Hawking warns of the threat to mankind from artificial intelligence. Neil Jacobstein of California’s Singularity University, AI expert Ben Medlock of SwiftKey, and the music producer and tech investor give us their take.

SwiftKey CTO responds to Hawking’s warnings about future of AI

December 5, 2014

Rory Cellan-Jones of BBC quotes Dr. Ben Medlock as saying, “‘It’s our responsibility to think about all of the consequences good and bad”, he told me. “We’ve had the same debate about atomic power and nanotechnology. With any powerful technology …

‘Hawking masters universal communication’

December 2, 2014

Tony Quested of Business Weekly writes, “Integrating software from British language technology company SwiftKey* has greatly improved the system’s ability to learn from Hawking to predict his next characters and words so he only has to type less than 20 …