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SwiftKey named to ’10 best Android keyboards’

January 30, 2015

Justin Diaz of Android Headlines writes, “The best part about SwiftKey is that learns. When you use it and type up words in your social and messaging apps, it’ll begin to learn how you speak and store those words for …


SwiftKey #1 on ’10 best iPhone keyboard apps for iOS 8′

January 30, 2015

JR Bookwalter of TechRadar writes, “One of the most beloved Android keyboards finally comes to iOS, delivering the same great autocorrection and predictive typing capabilities in a long list of languages, not to mention the ability to type in up …


‘SwiftKey For Android Now Has Full Chinese Language Support’

January 29, 2015

Adnan Farooqui of Ubergizmo writes, “There are seven new input methods that ensures users have a choice no matter how they like to type. Following the successful beta test the app has gained full support for Simplified Chinese, Taiwan Traditional Chinese …

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‘SwiftKey Adds Chinese Language Support’

January 29, 2015

Kristijan Lucic of Android Headlines writes, “SwiftKey is introducing seven new input methods here, which basically covers everything. That’s not all though, SwiftKey is also launching a Chinese New Year keyboard theme, which you can check out in the gallery …


Octopus Investments highlights SwiftKey at 2015 event

January 28, 2015

Alex Macpherson of Octopus Investments says, “Backing talented teams early on is essential, as is the ability for us to make follow on investments at each of the major milestones in the company’s development.”


‘I can’t live without’ SwiftKey

January 27, 2015

JR Raphael of ComputerWorld writes, “Google’s stock Android keyboard has gotten much better over the years, but I don’t feel at home in a device until I have SwiftKey in place. Why? Simple: SwiftKey has the best layout, design, and …


‘Co-founder of SwiftKey shares his startup success secrets’

January 27, 2015

Nathan Chai of ITProPortal writes, “Dr. Ben Medlock co-founded SwiftKey in 2008 alongside Jon Reynolds after the dissatisfaction that they shared for the tap typing method that smartphones incorporated, so they built something better. SwiftKey is now one of the most …


SwiftKey named to ’10 important apps for your phone iPhone 6′

January 21, 2015

Jay McGregor of Forbes writes, “SwiftKey does the whole keyboard thing incredibly well. From advanced text prediction, to memorising your style of speech (including colloquialisms) and uploading your writing style to the cloud making it available on any device – …