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‘Download of the week: SwiftKey’

October 24, 2014

Dylan Baker of Tech City News writes, “SwiftKey is one of the big success stories in London’s tech scene for a very good reason – their keyboard is great.”

SwiftKey releases two Material Design themes

October 23, 2014

Alexander Maxham of Android Headlines writes, “If you’re a fan of SwiftKey and a fan of Material Design, you’re going to love these themes. There’s a light material theme and a dark material theme available for you to pick up.”

‘AI at WIRED2014: The next big frontier is the mind and brain’

October 16, 2014

“Both [SwiftKey CTO & co-founder] Medlock and Hassabis were compelled by the idea of the intelligent machine as children and “that sense of wanting to explore the unknown,” as Medlock puts it. They are engineers, and by nature problem solvers …

SwiftKey adds more Indian languages, Diwali theme

October 10, 2014

Ida Torres of Android Community writes, “It’s great to see apps like SwiftKey giving support to other languages and cultures as calls for diversity in media and technology continue to grow.” 

Wired2014 preview: SwiftKey CTO, Dr. Ben Medlock

October 8, 2014

Gerard Ward of Wired writes, “Ben Medlock may not be able to predict what you’re about to write on the spot, but his London-based technology company SwiftKey has been doing precisely that on mobile devices since its first release in …

SwiftKey CEO named #1 to list of ‘Digital Leaders’

October 7, 2014

Gordon & Eden of Urban Times writes, “Today, the company employs around 150 people and is present on over 200 million mobile devices worldwide. Swiftkey has won accolades along the way, including being named Wired’s No. 1 Hottest Startup in …

SwiftKey is ‘fast and uncannily accurate’

October 6, 2014

Barry Collins of The Sunday Times writes, “Verdict: Speedy, accurate and particularly useful for those with multiple gadgets…Best for multiple keyboards.”