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‘Rewriting the smartphone keyboard’

August 20, 2014

Jason Ankeny of Entrepreneur writes, “Once SwiftKey understands your writing style, the engine accurately anticipates what you’re going to type faster than your fingers can follow. One-third of the app’s suggestions are correct on the first attempt; more than 80 …

How SwiftKey built the world’s smartest keyboard

August 13, 2014

Steve Ranger of TechRepublic writes, “But beyond the raw numbers what makes the story of SwiftKey even more interesting is that the rise of the company and its keyboard also embodies some of the key trends in the tech industry …

SwiftKey CEO on the London tech scene

August 10, 2014

Reynold’s company is SwiftKey, an Android typing-recognition software that will soon be on all iPhones with the upcoming introduction of iOS8. He says a combination of tax incentives and the number of tech-savvy students flocking to London has helped grow the …

Can the UK rival Silicon Valley?

August 10, 2014

Jon Reynolds, CEO of SwiftKey, discusses the U.K. start-up scene and says that global investors are starting to look at the U.K. for future opportunities.

SwiftKey CTO writes about the future of ‘magical computing’

August 10, 2014

SwiftKey CTO & co-founder Ben Medlock writes, “Technology will be able to better adapt and anticipate our needs at an individual level. The days of the generic experience are numbered. Over the next two decades, invisible systems that mine a …

New update for SwiftKey Keyboard

July 29, 2014

Alex Wagner of PhoneDog writes, “SwiftKey is one of the most popular third-party keyboards available on Android, and it’s good to see that the company isn’t resting on its laurels after pushing out a major update just a little over a …

SwiftKey named to Stylist’s ‘Life-changing apps’

July 25, 2014

Stylist writes, “iPhone users this app is a revelation. Promise. Remember when phones started using predictive text? SwiftKey is just as game-changing in that it seems to magically predict your next word when you’re typing messages. It’s already installed on some Android …

SwiftKey named to ‘best alternative keyboards for Android’

July 17, 2014

Daniel P. of PhoneArena writes, “Oh, SwiftKey, can we even stress enough how good you are at what you do? Leaving aside ergonomics, gesture typing, layout customizations and skinning options, which are stellar with SwiftKey, the predictive text algorithms it …

‘SwiftKey sees monthly users jump 54%’ after going free

July 9, 2014

Devindra Hardawar of VentureBeat writes, “SwiftKey says it has also seen more than 12 million downloads of its free and premium themes, which also launched when the app went free. The company isn’t yet offering any specific revenue or user …

SwiftKey named to ‘Best Android apps’

July 1, 2014

Joe Fedewa of Phandroid writes, “We’re sure you are all well aware of this awesome keyboard replacement…The one thing that prevented some people from using SwiftKey was the cost, but now it is completely free forever. Go get it!”