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The award-winning app for Android that replaces your on-screen keyboard, giving you the fastest and easiest way to type.

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"I found typing easiest with SwiftKey."
"I can't recommend SwiftKey highly enough."
"Arguably one of the best apps of all time."


Explore some of SwiftKey's productivity-boosting features.

  • Personalized predictions

    Mind-reading suggestions that learn from you as you type. SwiftKey Keyboard predicts your next word with astonishing accuracy. It learns from you over time and gets smarter with every keystroke.

  • Smarter autocorrect

    Intelligent corrections for even the sloppiest typing. A keyboard to fix your typos based on what you actually mean, and even insert missed spaces for you. Wave goodbye to frustration (and those embarrassing autocorrects you never meant to send).

  • Customizable layouts

    Split. Resize. Undock. Layouts to fit your life. Switch between keyboard layouts designed to let you type quickly and comfortably in any situation.

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  • SwiftKey Flow

    Glide through your messages, without lifting a finger. Slide between letters and the spacebar for effortless and uninterrupted typing.

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  • Multilingual typing

    For the linguist in all of us. Express yourself in over 65 languages, and up to three simultaneously. From English to Uzbek, SwiftKey speaks your language(s).

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  • Emoji prediction

    For when words aren’t enough. Spoil yourself with over 800 emoji characters and clever emoji prediction. Our signature prediction tech suggests emoji to match your words, for fun-filled sentences and smiles all round.

    *Supported on Android Jelly Bean and KitKat (4.1 and above)

Make it yours

Choose from over 30 uniquely designed themes in the SwiftKey Store, letting you express yourself with more than just your words.

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The words that matter to you, always and everywhere.

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All the great features that defined SwiftKey Keyboard as Android's #1 best-selling paid app, now for free!

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