Behind the scenes
at SwiftKey.

"One of Britain's brightest young technology firms."
"One of the big British successes in the apps world."

The company

Founded in London in 2008, our mission is to build technology that makes it easy for everyone to create and communicate on mobile. We're best known for SwiftKey Keyboard, our 'mind-reading' touchscreen keyboard app, which topped Google Play's best-seller list in 2012 and 2013. Our first iOS app, SwiftKey Note, launched in early 2014 and has been selected by Apple as Editors' Choice.

Our history

It all began when co-founder and CEO Jon Reynolds realized that what he dubbed "shrinking typewriters" just weren't cutting it for mobile touchscreen typing. He joined forces with his friend, now co-founder and CTO, Dr. Ben Medlock to see how they could approach this problem differently using Artificial Intelligence, and SwiftKey was born.

Jon Reynolds, CEO

Ben Medlock, CTO

In addition to our consumer apps, SwiftKey's technology has also been a hit with hardware manufacturers and overall features on more than 200 million devices to date worldwide. We've raised more than $20m in funding to date from notable angels and investors including Accel Partners, Index Ventures and Octopus Investments.

Staff snapshots

We are a growing team of over 150 people (and one inflatable dinosaur), spread from our HQ in central London to offices in San Francisco and Seoul. Together, we hold 180 degrees and have 26 different nationalities within our team. Meet some members of the SwiftKey team below!

Media coverage

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