@Elliothylton *shakes fist*
@Elliothylton The Spotlight Search issue affects all 3rd party keyboards. We're hoping for a resolution ASAP: https://t.co/Dt8HElZvX6
@Elliothylton A dumpster fire sounds awful, Elliot. Have you updated to the latest version + restarted your device?
@nickgrossman Hi Nick - you can submit feature requests here: http://t.co/zSSpqAS8do
@Scott2Hill Please update to the latest version and restart your device - that should help.
Are emoji the future of food delivery? Tweet a 🍔 at new startup Fooji and they'll send you one. http://t.co/jW8oJrluQb via @Eater
@eddr @indigojo_uk Please try restarting your devices.
@omgdvid We really haven't, David. They're completely separate apps and we're working very hard on both.
@ImNotTheRealAJ We can't guarantee any timelines, but it's in the works!
@skuterpl What's bothering you? Please submit a support ticket here: https://t.co/uyZZwZ5gEz


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