Americans lead the world in use of these emoji... but what are YOUR faves? 🍗🍆🍕🌃💯💀🏀👑
Our emoji report shows what emoji certain countries use more than others - but which ones are YOUR faves? Show us! 😄
Americans lead the world in use of these emoji... but what are YOUR faves? 🍗🍆🍕🌃💯💀🏀👑
@tmeader Hi Tim! We can't comment on future roadmap plans but thank you for letting us know.
@_Ashbasher Thanks, Dante! We definitely do - stay tuned, we're working on it!
@jenpossy Jennifer, Canada uses that emoji the most! You can read more here:
@BrianSaidThis We're working on it, Brian! Stay tuned.
@MrTonyBones Thanks for the support! So glad to hear that.
@nathenmcvittie Thanks for the shoutout, Nathen! Glad you're enjoying the report - we had so much fun putting it together.


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