@SwingShoesDance Did you update to SwiftKey 1.0.2 and make it your default keyboard?
@VerbalMistakes you can press return without longpressing.
@VerbalMistakes What do you mean? Emoji are accessible by longpressing the enter key.
@SwingShoesDance So - it shows up as your default iOS keyboard and you can't get SK in the globe icon?
@brfaedo What kind of phone/device do you have?
@JaySan25 What kind of phone?
@brfaedo Restart the device, perhaps?
@dragosrobertn Please submit the request through that email so it can be properly logged :)
@RonnieKie This is not yet a feature, but it's something we hope to implement in the future. Thanks for your feedback!
@jkantzer Haha okay, good :)


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