@EmiratiDetails We're working on more language support :) Please let us know your request here: http://t.co/zSSpqB9Jls Thanks!
@twitananda Please be assured we're working hard to develop SwiftKey :) Please let us know any requests here: http://t.co/zSSpqB9Jls Thanks!
@kyrieelayne Please try a fresh install. If this doesn't help, please shoot an email to reviews@swiftkey.com and we'll reply asap. Thanks!
@Karst Sorry you're experiencing this. Yes it is a known issue, and we're working with Apple to address it. See more: http://t.co/moRmhSuXG1
@senerht We don't currently provide the option for iOS Kal-el. Please can you let us know where you've seen that we do?
@senerht This is not currently an option for Android or iOS. Please do feel free to submit a request here though: http://t.co/zSSpqB9Jls
@SnonnieSnean Sorry you're experiencing lag Ronnie. Are you using SwiftKey on an Android or iOS device please?
@williams2_h You're very welcome :)
@williams2_h You might find it helpful to increase the size of your keyboard. Please see how to here: http://t.co/kJcirrAMIS
@ChrisFodor Cheers Chris!



How to run a hackathon – five top tips

September 17, 2014

Hackathons are a great way to solving problems, bring people together and have fun. At SwiftKey, we love hackathons – we have two-day Innovation Days every two months, we just hosted our first public hackathon #Collabhack, and many of our engineers …

Tech Track 100

SwiftKey no. 3 in Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100

September 7, 2014

SwiftKey has been ranked third in the Sunday Times Hiscox Tech Track 100 2014, demonstrating the speed of SwiftKey’s rapid growth as a global business. This is an independent, annual league table of the fastest-growing tech businesses in the UK. It’s great …

Hello Kitty Machine Learning

What is Machine Learning?

September 5, 2014

“The aim of a Machine Learning system is to generalise from experience, to perform accurately on new, unseen examples and tasks after having experienced a learning data set,” Language Engineer Cătălina Hallett explained at a SwiftKey-hosted breakfast for Geek Girl …

SwiftKey Keyboard performance

Further performance updates for SwiftKey Keyboard on Android

September 4, 2014

Hi everyone, We are pleased to announce that we are continuing to push forward on our number one commitment of improving the overall performance of SwiftKey 5. We are focused on improving the quality of the SwiftKey Keyboard for Android …


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Hi everyone, Welcome to this week’s installment of SwiftKey Keyboard Tips & Tricks! This week, we wanted to share how you can insert a word and also the accompanying emoji. Here we share the inside scoop so you don’t have …

Startup Manifesto

The Startup Manifesto – 24 steps to supporting entrepreneurship

September 3, 2014

A group of technology companies have joined forces to back a Startup Manifesto – how the next government should support digital startups in the UK. SwiftKey’s Richard Gibson (Chief Financial Officer) and James Bromley (Chief Operating Officer) are among the startup …

Bazinga, winners of SwiftKey's hackathon

#Collabhack – winners of SwiftKey’s hackathon revealed

September 2, 2014

Hi everyone, Last week we ran Collabhack, a two-day extravaganza of coding and developing focused around the theme of collaboration – and our first ever public hackathon. We welcomed more than 50 students and recent graduates to take part in …

Sarah's @LatinRocksON handle

Spotlight on…SwiftKey’s Volunteer Squad

August 28, 2014

At SwiftKey, we pride ourselves on our pursuits that go beyond office life, whether sporting, cultural or academic. All employees receive an annual pot of paid time off to use for voluntary activities.  As part of our new blog series, each …


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Hi everyone, Welcome to this week’s installment of SwiftKey Keyboard Tips & Tricks! This week, we wanted to share how you can easily get to your SwiftKey Settings without having to go into the SwiftKey app itself in your apps drawer. When the keyboard …

Ice Ice Baby – SwiftKey takes on the Ice Bucket challenge

August 27, 2014

It’s taken the Internet by storm and now SwiftKey co-founder and CTO Ben Medlock has been nominated to take part in the Ice Bucket challenge by our friend Carl Pei at OnePlus. Ben’s away at the moment so software engineer …