@kavmac Uh oh - what happened? We'd love to help troubleshoot!
@OrgasmicCry Thank you for the constructive feedback. We will be sure to pass it along.
@alimbada Hi there. Please send us feedback here: http://t.co/zSSpqAS8do
@ONEIR1C We will be in touch if you are added to the beta.
@ONEIR1C No, we do not create betas for other people's beta. You can sign up for our beta here: https://t.co/oX1AOYST5R
@ThisGuyLu There are both paid and free themes on Android and iOS.
@ONEIR1C You deleted the app entirely and re-downloaded it?
@ONEIR1C Uh oh! Have you tried restarting your device and/or a fresh install?
@spudje Sorry to hear that! Could you submit a support ticket here? https://t.co/uyZZwYNFfZ
@jussisolja That's not really predictable, unfortunately. We're working very hard, though.


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Innovation Week – meet the team helping us hack

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Starting today, we put regular work on hold for our first ever ‘Innovation Week’ at SwiftKey HQ – a five-day ‘hack’ opportunity during which the entire company stop their normal jobs and build things together, learning new skills and with …

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Innovation Week – 5 reasons to hold a week-long hack day

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Next week will be anything but business as usual at SwiftKey. We’re downing tools for an entire five days. No meetings and no working with our usual teams. We’re holding our first ever ‘Innovation Week’ – a five-day long extravaganza …


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