@billmatic Sorry about that Billy. These are known issues, please see here: https://t.co/PpS9d44ta8
@feelickss Sorry to hear that Felix. Please can you try a fresh install to see is that resolves things?
@_mas10_ Sorry to hear that. Please can you send an email through to reviews@swiftkey.com so we can help you out? Thanks.
@szandbergen Yes sure - please see here Scott: https://t.co/PpS9d44ta8 Best Wishes.
@Escape_to_Bliss Cool :) Let us know if you have any questions! You might find our Tips & Tricks blogs helpful: http://t.co/8Rr8ddQSKn
@szandbergen Yes these are known issues. Thanks for your continued patience.
@szandbergen Thanks for the support Scott! Sorry about these issues. We're still working hard alongside Apple to improve.
@Escape_to_Bliss Has it helped your typing improve?
@j800r We really appreciate your support and understanding. Please be assured we care equally about our Android and iOS users :)
@themervz These are both known issues Mervin. Sorry for the inconvenience - we hope these can be resolved asap!!


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