@indasaid Haha :) Indeed!
@MatFalkner That is odd, indeed! It looks similar to another iOS Messages bug. Could you plz send this + details to iosreviews@swiftkey.com?
@ambitiouszr13 Yes, and we offer a free pack of themes for people who paid originally. We also have free themes.
@farouqtaj @startledbunny That's an unfortunate downside of an older phone :(
@bobertrowe We are working hard to implement more features to the iOS app - including themes!
@cianino The SwiftKey Store is not available on the beta.
@UsernameSV Almost! 99 cents :)
@evan228 We recommend deleting and reinstalling the app. Hope that helps! :)
Happy Halloween! Get ready with the Graveyard & Jack O' Lantern themes from the SwiftKey Store, on Android. http://t.co/fuQqQmYN9w
@mrfrank505 It takes a little getting used to but it's actually pretty handy to have it there :)


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