@kavmac Uh oh - what happened? We'd love to help troubleshoot!
@OrgasmicCry Thank you for the constructive feedback. We will be sure to pass it along.
@alimbada Hi there. Please send us feedback here: http://t.co/zSSpqAS8do
@ONEIR1C We will be in touch if you are added to the beta.
@ONEIR1C No, we do not create betas for other people's beta. You can sign up for our beta here: https://t.co/oX1AOYST5R
@ThisGuyLu There are both paid and free themes on Android and iOS.
@ONEIR1C You deleted the app entirely and re-downloaded it?
@ONEIR1C Uh oh! Have you tried restarting your device and/or a fresh install?
@spudje Sorry to hear that! Could you submit a support ticket here? https://t.co/uyZZwYNFfZ
@jussisolja That's not really predictable, unfortunately. We're working very hard, though.


SwiftKey's Joe Osborne talks AI

Artificial Intelligence could be hugely transformative, says SwiftKey

May 13, 2015

Last week Joe Osborne, SwiftKey SDK and Project Lead for our ongoing project with Stephen Hawking, delivered a talk around Artificial Intelligence at Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC), a major industry conference in Beijing. The annual event aims to bring together …


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General Election - Cameron and Clegg

General Election 2015 – who’s trending on Twitter?

May 7, 2015

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What emoji the Canadians love – other than the poop emoji

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Last week’s Emoji Report kindled quite a bit of conversation about what exactly Canadians are into; for example, the data revealed that Canada uses the smiling poop emoji  more than any other country in the world and is twice as …


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April 29, 2015

Typing on your phone probably isn’t something you think about – or want to think about – very often. For most of us, our keyboard knowledge ends at knowing where to find the ‘thumbs up’ emoji. This doesn’t mean, however, …

Puzzle Room

How to build a puzzle room

April 29, 2015

When planning our recent Innovation Week, we knew it would be vital to transform our office. We needed the place to have a theme that would really get the creative juices flowing, and not let innovators be led wayward by …