@GeoBartJr At some point.
@Hawk8509 It is but it isn't. It's not the same exact app as it is on Android. It still has the great prediction power but not full features
@FxSql We were not able to reproduce. We could skip lines in Twitter. Did you try a short press and longpress?
@larryisgood Hi Larry, can you please submit a ticket by going to http://t.co/agMjaRZeBB and our support staff will be in touch.
Check out @Gizmodo's list of fantastic science and technology books: http://t.co/6cS6QOnvtK
@Hawk8509 If you didn't know you can longpress on a word you don't want and have it removed from your language model (in SwiftKey).
@LTZ150 If you have not yet done so, enter it in manually and then tap on it in the prediction bar. This should help bring it back.
@GeoBartJr We don't currently officially support iOS 9 because it's still in beta.
@LTZ150 What are you getting instead?
@Hawk8509 What would you say is your biggest frustration?



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