@The1JoshuaB We know it's a pain, but at least we know what the issue is. Thanks for understanding.
@SalviWasHere It's not that easy. We could design our own, as soon as you enter them into a text field, they'll switch to stock.
@The1JoshuaB We realize that, but we never officially supported it. It just happened to work. We're still looking into it though.
This map reveals the most embarrassing popular Google searches by state: http://t.co/68MGhlVjCy via @FastCoCreate http://t.co/dFJxCLFFLT
@DJarzebowski Hi David, this is indeed a known issue. Thanks for sharing.
@SalviWasHere Hi Salvador, let us ask you something. As an Android user, why do you want iOS emoji? *being curious*
@The1JoshuaB Hi Josh, it seems like you might have changed the DPI on your phone. Can you confirm?
@jakeisonline Not in this context. =P
@lpalokan HI Lauri, really? What device are you running?
@aab90s We love you too, Andy.


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