@SanaThomas Hi Sana. We are hoping to add more themes ASAP.
@djMikeHawkins Hi Mike. It would be great if you can please submit your request here: https://t.co/FshJc6q0iL
Happy Diwali! Celebrate with our free Diwali theme in the SwiftKey Store, available on Android.… http://t.co/N5wZVRIgZ6
@ClancyMcFarlane mhm, thanks. Try killing the app and restarting it.
@wmaxeddy A good memory you have there.
@MrADeveci @geekdolan the channel is helping us get back to where the app used to be. The beta runs as a different app. The option is there
@MrADeveci @geekdolan The beta apps has improvements built into it. It's a beta that is highly stable and we're getting great feedback.
@ChrisVills You're awesome.
@marciokl Hi Marcio, it is pretty sweet huh. =P. Thanks for letting us know.
@Stephenarch78 Hi Archie, sorry to hear that but thanks for the feedback.



SwiftKey Speaker series welcomes Moonfruit

October 3, 2014

Do you remember building your first website? Over the last 15 years, it’s possible you used Moonfruit, an innovative, accessible service enabling anyone to assemble their own site, with an emphasis on great design. Moonfruit co-founders and entrepreneurs Wendy Tan …


How to run a hackathon – five top tips

September 17, 2014

Hackathons are a great way to solving problems, bring people together and have fun. At SwiftKey, we love hackathons – we have two-day Innovation Days every two months, we just hosted our first public hackathon #Collabhack, and many of our engineers …

Bazinga, winners of SwiftKey's hackathon

#Collabhack – winners of SwiftKey’s hackathon revealed

September 2, 2014

Hi everyone, Last week we ran Collabhack, a two-day extravaganza of coding and developing focused around the theme of collaboration – and our first ever public hackathon. We welcomed more than 50 students and recent graduates to take part in …


SXSW 2015: Vote for SwiftKey’s Panel Picker submission

August 14, 2014

Hi everyone, Who’s got plans for SXSW 2015? We’ve just submitted a proposal to the SXSW Panel Picker for SXSW Interactive in Texas in March of 2015. We’ve assembled an all-star panel of Raj Singh, founder of Tempo AI, John …

Collabhack Hackathon

Collabhack: SwiftKey to hold first public hackathon

July 31, 2014

On 28th August SwiftKey is hosting its first public hackathon, the aptly titled ‘Collabhack’, that will see graduate programmers, developers and designers come together to build tools and create processes with the aim of enhancing productivity and solving real-life problems. …


What Apple’s iPhone keyboard announcement means for you

July 9, 2014

Later this year, Apple’s iOS 8 will open up the iPhone keyboard in a way that it never has before. Much to our delight, third-party keyboards will be supported on the iPhone for the first time, and our engineers are working …


SwiftKey crowned Europa Awards’ ‘Grand Prix’ Winner

June 11, 2014

Hi everyone, Some very exciting news to share with you – we’ve just been awarded two prizes at this year’s Europas in London! SwiftKey was chosen for the Coolest Tech Innovation prize, as well as scooping the overall Europa Grand Prix …

auto imported featured image

Introducing SwiftKey Japanese beta

May 15, 2014

SwiftKey 日本語入力が登場しました The fastest way to type in Japanese – スマホでサクサク 日本語入力 If you are a Japanese speaker or have friends who speak Japanese then you’re in for a treat. After months of incredibly hard work from our in-house Japanese …

auto imported featured image

What it means to be a SwiftKey VIP

April 29, 2014

Since the launch of SwiftKey Keyboard back in 2010, we have built a fantastic community made up of people all over the world who enjoy using SwiftKey and talking to us by leaving feedback or just dropping in to say …

auto imported featured image

SwiftKey Note update brings landscape mode

April 23, 2014

Hi everyone, We have a great new update today for SwiftKey Note, which you can access by returning to the App Store and simply clicking “Update”. This new version brings some additional features that were specifically requested by users. Thanks …

auto imported featured image

10 Secrets to Success at SwiftKey Innovation Days

April 18, 2014

At SwiftKey, we take innovation very seriously. Every couple of months, we take two days out of our usual schedules to get away from the office, get to know each other better, and primarily to spend time exploring and making …