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RT @TechCrunch: SwiftKey debuts “Clarity,” an experimental keyboard featuring multi-word autocorrect http://t.co/teRs66Rnjl
@TonyFanfulla Hmm, that's odd... Please submit a support ticket here: https://t.co/uyZZwYNFfZ
@Tw1ttErik This is a known issue on Samsung: http://t.co/Zg6KAXAW43
@bulmaro This is a known issue we hope we fix soon: http://t.co/Zg6KAXAW43
@L_Shortt We will pass this feedback along.
@NorthsideB312 Please leave beta feedback in the VIP forums - thanks.
@Anirudhgargi Unfortunately, we can't comment on our future plans - sorry!
@Saavadhe We'd love your feedback here: https://t.co/26Dzw7XlHB
@andrzewi Thanks for the feedback, Andrzej. We'd love if you could submit specifics here: https://t.co/uyZZwYNFfZ


How to download holiday keyboard theme on iOS and Android

How to download your free holiday theme on iOS & Android

December 18, 2014

Hi everyone, Happy Holidays! We hope you enjoy your free holiday theme – a gift from us to you. To easily get your new theme, please follow the ‘How To Download’ instructions below. For those of you on SwiftKey Keyboard for …

holiday keyboard theme for Android and iOS

Free theme from SwiftKey for the holidays

December 18, 2014

Hi everyone, As this year comes to an end, we find ourselves looking back at 2014 and all of its incredible moments. Our Android app saw many new additions: performance improvements, the SwiftKey Store, support for over 800 emoji as …


The best iPhone games, according to SwiftKey

December 17, 2014

Hi everyone, Yesterday, we shared some of SwiftKey’s favorite Android games with you. As a multi-platform company, we also had to ask around to see the best iPhone games, according to us! Check out some staffers’ favorite iOS games below: World …


The best Android games, according to SwiftKey

December 16, 2014

Hi everyone, In the past couple of weeks, we’ve heard from different SwiftKey-ers about the best iPhone and best Android apps, focusing (mostly) on productivity. With the holidays upon us, we thought it might be fun this time around to …


SwiftKey favorites: The best iPhone apps

December 10, 2014

Hi everyone, We were very excited to launch SwiftKey for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch in September and bring our technology to the iOS platform. Many of our SwiftKey colleagues use iOS devices exclusively or in addition to Android devices, …


SwiftKey Meetup recap: What’s next for device customization?

December 8, 2014

Hi everyone, Last week, we hosted our first SwiftKey Meetup in our San Francisco offices, bringing together a panel of experts to discuss “Customizing your device: What’s next?” We were thrilled to be joined by SwiftKey users and other tech …

Black Friday sale - discounts on Android app themes

Holiday sale on all theme packs ends TODAY

December 3, 2014

Hi everyone, We just wanted to give you a quick reminder that our holiday sale is still going – but won’t be for very much longer! Today is the very last day to get discounts on all theme packs in …


Autocorrect Fails You’ll Never See Again

November 24, 2014

Like it or not, we owe a great deal of gratitude to autocorrect. More specifically, to the comical miscalculations of autocorrect. Much like dancing cats, owls with piercing eyes, and Scumbag Steve, the gaffes of autocorrect have given us reason …


New Material Design theme pack arrives in the SwiftKey Store

November 17, 2014

Hi everyone, Last month, we introduced two themes inspired by Google’s Material Design to the SwiftKey Store: Material Light and Material Dark. Today, we’re excited to add a brand new theme pack to our Material family, based on your feedback, …