@indasaid Haha :) Indeed!
@MatFalkner That is odd, indeed! It looks similar to another iOS Messages bug. Could you plz send this + details to iosreviews@swiftkey.com?
@ambitiouszr13 Yes, and we offer a free pack of themes for people who paid originally. We also have free themes.
@farouqtaj @startledbunny That's an unfortunate downside of an older phone :(
@bobertrowe We are working hard to implement more features to the iOS app - including themes!
@cianino The SwiftKey Store is not available on the beta.
@UsernameSV Almost! 99 cents :)
@evan228 We recommend deleting and reinstalling the app. Hope that helps! :)
Happy Halloween! Get ready with the Graveyard & Jack O' Lantern themes from the SwiftKey Store, on Android. http://t.co/fuQqQmYN9w
@mrfrank505 It takes a little getting used to but it's actually pretty handy to have it there :)


SwiftKey on XKCD

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Like many technology companies, we have a relaxed office style. If we’re not meeting very serious business people, most of us come to work in an assortment of jeans, t-shirts and sneakers (or “trainers”, as we’re British). It’s not uncommon …

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a SwiftKey team away day! All of us based in the London HQ took a break from our screens last week and headed off for a treetop adventure at Go …

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Meet the VIPs: hcoonan

June 27, 2013

Now and again we like to showcase and say thank you to users whose efforts as part of our community really stand out. Hayden, or hcoonan as he’s known in the VIP forum, is one such user. His enthusiasm and …

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At SwiftKey, we’re big believers in the benefits of sharing knowledge and we’re passionate about the value of coding. So why not pass on these skills to the programmers of the future? Recently, Páidí and Chris have been running CodeClubs …