@jlsldn What kind of phone?
@dmrowley Uh oh! Manually quitting out of the app should be a temporary fix.
Tale as old as time. We love these #SKstory submissions! RT @ArifproZainul: So frustrated, LOL 😂 @SwiftKey #SKstory http://t.co/uISc7vSasE
@ArifproZainul We've all been there! Thanks for the submission #SKstory
@jlsldn Updating to iOS 8.1 fixed this issue for most people.
@tosla Ah yes, this is a known issue that we think is btwn iOS and 3rd party keyboards. Hoping for a solution ASAP! Thx for your patience :)
@tosla Hi there. How so?
@ikilimnik77 It's now available in iOS 8.1, so we hope to implement it ASAP. Thanks!
@fuzationism Please email reviews@swiftkey.com so our team can log this issue w/ languages. Thanks!
@fuzationism Is this on Android or iOS?


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