@RASMUSSEN___ Sorry to hear that. We're working hard to improve around some platform issues. Thanks for your patience.
@hebinotoshi Sorry we can't comment on release plans but please be assured we are working hard to develop our Japanese language further.
@KingCorbinian @DasFuhrerin Sorry, just seen that you have already made your request! Thank you :)
@MortalStriker We're working hard around some platform issues to improve and develop SwiftKey for iOS! Thanks for your patience.
@KingCorbinian @DasFuhrerin Please do let us know your request here: https://t.co/kOrlOF2WOH Thank you!
@perfect_fayez @SZRetired Thank you both for your awesome support!!
@henrikammer Glad it helps you out Henrik!!
@dictoresno Hiya Steve! Thanks for giving SwiftKey a go :) What would make the difference for you? What's your priority?
@HAL9000r More themes are on their way Emilio :)
@Dr_SJK Thanks for your feedback. Please do let us know in more detail here so we can take a look: https://t.co/HKqBE2BtVZ Thank you!



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