RT @RuthBarnett: Artificial Intelligence talks @Swiftkey HQ - sold out! http://t.co/rcKV3u9uvg
@vulinux What are your thoughts on this?
@vulinux There is not. This is the new way to access SwiftKey Hub
Is #Emoji the future of language? Do you agree with the @guardian article saying language is now moving *backwards*? http://t.co/ClcxArrpVx
@selwinscream Sorry you're experiencing this issue. Please try a fresh install to see if this improves things.
@StueyMacD Awesome :D Great to have you with us Stu!!!!
@NicPaolini If SwiftKey be the food of love, type on :)
@mikeypiro Glad to hear that Mike! Thanks for letting us know :)
@billmatic Sorry about that Billy. These are known issues, please see here: https://t.co/PpS9d44ta8
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hack days and innovation culture

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Next week will be anything but business as usual at SwiftKey. We’re downing tools for an entire five days. No meetings and no working with our usual teams. We’re holding our first ever ‘Innovation Week’ – a five-day long extravaganza …


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Comic Relief

Comic Relief: We do something funny for money

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Red Nose Day is here – so SwiftKey decided to follow the motto of charity fundraising campaign Comic Relief and ‘do something funny for money’! For those not in the UK, Red Nose Day is an opportunity to donate cash to …


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Hi everyone, Here at SwiftKey, we’re well aware of how important smartphones are to people these days. And we also know how important food is. Exhibit A, SwiftKey-ers learning how to bake bread at Southwark’s Borough Market: And Exhibit B, said …


SwiftKey at SXSW: Why Hollywood has AI all wrong

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Can you believe it’s already time for SXSW 2015? We’re gearing up for another trip to Austin and are excited about great networking, hosting a panel and hopefully endless BBQ! We’ll be dispelling myths about Artificial Intelligence, talking about why …