@NoHopsWhiteGuy There is no such thing as a bad idea.
@AugustVance The Android app has the Heat map. Different names and look but the same concept.
@LuismiX Yea, if you want to create a video, it gives a better visual aspect to show the devs. Thanks for your comms.
@NoHopsWhiteGuy Hi Jordan, we can't say for sure, but we do know that shooting stars was a hit. Have some ideas?
@casonasher What platform are you using?
@LuismiX What kind of lag is the question. When opening, closing, typing, something else? More details in order to investigate.
@mastrus @the_luci They are slightly different for iOS than on Android. As you both noticed.
@micmkash Thanks for the kind words Michael.
@SamatJain Good question! We do have a surprise for you though. Shoot us a DM for more details.


iOS beta update-v1-2

Which emoji do you use more than other people?

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