Our emoji report shows what emoji certain countries use more than others - but which ones are YOUR faves? http://t.co/QLIj7SGfqz Show us! 😄
Americans lead the world in use of these emoji... but what are YOUR faves? http://t.co/QLIj7SGfqz 🍗🍆🍕🌃💯💀🏀👑 http://t.co/HFXe9e5QK7
@tmeader Hi Tim! We can't comment on future roadmap plans but thank you for letting us know.
@_Ashbasher Thanks, Dante! We definitely do - stay tuned, we're working on it!
@jenpossy Jennifer, Canada uses that emoji the most! You can read more here: http://t.co/64jzUc6JgE
@BrianSaidThis We're working on it, Brian! Stay tuned.
@MrTonyBones Thanks for the support! So glad to hear that.
@nathenmcvittie Thanks for the shoutout, Nathen! Glad you're enjoying the report - we had so much fun putting it together.
Which emoji does your country use more than others? You might be surprised! https://t.co/Sd0OMyQ7V8



Which emoji does your language use more than others?

April 22, 2015

Yesterday we debuted our first Emoji Report, which analyzed over one billion pieces of data about how emoji are used in multiple countries around the world. We thought we’d drill down into a bit more detail in the different categories …

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