@Elijah_MeHotYes Just sign in with the same Cloud account :)
@jellybean_grey We can certainly pass this feedback along.
@faroukrm Those are platform issues unfortunately, Farouk. We're working in cooperation with Apple to resolve them.
@faroukrm What do you mean by "crashes"? Please submit details here: https://t.co/uyZZwYNFfZ
@idkicarus @My_Maura A+! Let us know if you need more help, Maura :D
How do I access my favorite #emoji faster in SwiftKey Keyboard for Android? Find out in this #fbf Tips & Tricks: http://t.co/29zRvqAB6g
@_vinr We're not every other keyboard, we're SwiftKey. =D We will be bringing support for Android M. That's all we can say for now. =]
@justinbones Hey Justin, we can't possible know the outcome of everything. =P
@GrillingG33k Hey Josh, mind emailing reviews@swiftkey.com so our support staff can go into deeper troubleshooting?



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