Three new themes – and a sale to celebrate!

May 15, 2013

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When we ask you what you want, there’s one request we hear above all the others. THEMES!

So today, to give you more choice and respond to your feedback, we’re rolling out a new update, SwiftKey 4.1. It includes three more brilliant themes and a host of bug fixes. What’s more, we’re having a half-price sale to celebrate! For a limited time only, SwiftKey and SwiftKey Tablet will be just $1.99/£1.49/€1.99 – if your friends and family have not downloaded SwiftKey yet, now is a great time to share this with them.

When you update your app, you’ll find these brilliant new themes. First, there’s Dusk, a rich, deep blue accompanied by a bright yellow Flow trail. Then Regal, a striking purple accompanied by a contrasting yellow Flow. Both of these have distinctive rounded corners to the central candidates – a modern, fresh twist on our usual key design.

Then last but not least, there’s Pitch. Black, with minimalist white edging, we believe Pitch will have extra appeal for AMOLED phone users. With fewer pixels turned on, these users may find this helps preserve battery power for longer. We know this matters to you – in our 2012 survey, 96% of respondents said battery life was either essential or quite important. Pitch comes with a bright pink Flow trail for contrast.

Here’s a list of the bug fixes also included in SwiftKey 4.1:

  • Fixed some issues with Facebook personalization
  • Fixed problem reaching ? on punctuation slider
  • Fixed crash when rotating screen in Settings
  • Improved functionality with Opera
  • Improved backspace in password fields and with smileys
  • Fixed crash when pressing empty predictions
  • Fixed issue with .com key in Chrome URL bar

We learn what needs work from your invaluable feedback so thank you to all our users who contribute their ideas and suggestions on our feedback forums. Users reporting bugs on our bugs forum help us to identify the issues that are affecting the most people, and to track them down quickly and efficiently.

Here at SwiftKey we hope you like this latest update, but we know there are more colors, more features, more languages, more innovations that you’re eager to get your hands on – there are some fantastic developments coming up, watch this space!