SwiftKey Keyboard goes free – with new themes, emoji and more

June 11, 2014


Hi everyone,

We’ve got big news! From today, SwiftKey Keyboard is free on Google Play – and with this update, it’s packed full of new features, including support for over 800 emoji and more than 30 new themes.

To thank our users who have paid for SwiftKey Keyboard in the past, we’re offering you a Premier Pack of 10 new premium themes to download, worth $4.99, for free! All users, including newcomers, can download an additional three free themes from the store, and there’s more content coming soon.

The top features of today’s major update include:

  • SwiftKey Store – A place for you to customize your keyboard with great new add-ons! The store is stocked with more than 30 new free and premium themes and will be regularly refreshed.
  • New default theme – We’ve added a crisp new default theme in SwiftKey, ‘Nickel’ (because it’s based on the original Cobalt theme, and, well, Nickel is next in the periodic table). This is in addition to all the other new themes you’ll find in the SwiftKey Store.
  • Emoji – Choose from over 800 emoji as you type, just a tap away from the regular keyboard. Tap the smiley in chat and messaging apps or long press the return key in other apps and away you go. Emoji are only available on devices running Android 4.1 or above.
  • Emoji prediction – Let SwiftKey predict and suggest the emoji that matter most to you! SwiftKey’s learning engine remembers the context that you use emoji in and will also predict emoji as you type relevant words. For example, type “burg” and the burger emoji appears. To enable these features, go to Settings > Advanced and check the box marked ‘Emoji prediction’.
  • Number row -Due to popular demand, this latest update introduces access to an optional number row without requiring you to switch layouts or use long press. Enable this in Settings > Layout, along with some other nifty features.
  • Improved prediction engine – We’ve added better capitalization awareness in predictions and updated our technology’s overall learning ability, which is good for everyone. For the smart multilingual folks out there, we also have good news as we’ve improved our multilingual capabilities, meaning you can now magically type in up to three languages at once with even better accuracy!
  • New languages – We now support 66 languages at a contextual level, which is awesome because it means even more people worldwide can benefit from using SwiftKey. The new languages are Belarusian, Mongolian, Tatar, Uzbek and Welsh. We’re also hard at work on more languages, including Japanese, which is in beta here.
  • New and improved Flow trails – What’s a Flow trail, you might ask? Well, it’s the line that your finger leaves on the screen when you gesture type. From today, those of you who like to use SwiftKey Flow will notice the trails are clearer and more visually appealing, helping you type with better accuracy while also looking really cool.

To learn more about these features and how they work, check out our short How-To video guides here.

We know – lots of information to digest! If you have feedback for us or you need help, head on over to our Support Portal or reach us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. And, if you haven’t already joined, check out our VIP Forum (currently almost 115K users strong!). You can participate in future betas and meet some fantastic fellow SwiftKey users in there. You might even get some free stuff.


The SwiftKey Team

  • Norman

    wow! cool!

  • Gempressaren

    Great news! Only thing I’m really missing now is short words, so I can type for example hh and it automatically inserts a greetings sentence I made in settings. Very useful for abbreviations as well, for example writing btw and it writes by the way.

    But this is only good if we have full control ourselves.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      Gempressaren You can add or remove a word within SK. Please see the below faq for more information on this.


      • Gempressaren

        Thank you for your reply. However this is not an answer to what i meant.

        For example i would have had shortcuts to special emojicons i use. ee -> ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) etc.

  • Marie M.

    Hi there :)!
    Where can I get/download the Premier Pack which you offer me as paying user?

    • http://www.gameosaur.com/ neoKushan

      Install the update, then look in SwiftKey’s settings, at the top you’ll see a link to claim the free themes.

      • Marie M.


        Many thanks for your help! Now I found it

      • grizzlyzp

        Hi can you post a screenshot? Some users are not seeing this link

        • http://www.gameosaur.com/ neoKushan

          Unfortunately not, once you click the link once it’s gone, HOWEVER, it should still be available if you go into the Theme store, click “Packs” at the top and the top result is the premier pack, which will say “FREE” and have the price crossed out.

          This is what it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/vRpeCpX.png

          Though do note that mine says “purchased” while yours will say “free”.

          • grizzlyzp

            Thanks neoKushan, but it’s not there. I checked your video tutorials as well. This option is simply not available. It offers me to buy the pack. I made sure I paid for swiftkey and didn’t get it during some promotion for free. Can someone help me with this? Because if I’m having this issue, other people also will.

          • Wayne

            Yes, same issue as grizzlyzp

          • http://www.gameosaur.com/ neoKushan

            Sorry, I don’t work for SwiftKey so I can’t help any further. Please check out here and follow their instructions: http://support.swiftkey.net/knowledgebase/articles/375478

          • grizzlyzp

            In this case I really appreciate your help. I contacted their support

          • Daniel Lima

            Hi, I had the same problem, but I solved pressing the button “…” under the Android clock, then “Restore purchases”, then, the Premier package should appear with the price crossed out.

          • grizzlyzp

            Thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately this didn’t work for me. This was the first thing I checked… The support is still silent.

          • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

            @neoKushan:disqus thanks for sharing that link, I also re-shared this above for everyone on this discussion. That faq lays out all the steps.

          • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

            neoKushan Make sure you are logged into the same SwiftKey Cloud/Google account and if you previously purchased the app you should be able to claim the premiere pack without issue. The FAQ below also provides more info on this.


          • http://www.gameosaur.com/ neoKushan

            Hi Josh, I think you’ve replied to the wrong comment there – if you look at mine, you’ll see that I have no issue accessing the premium themes and was even trying to help those that did.

          • John

            Do you need to have used the cloud in the past to benefit from this offer? I’ve never used it, I’d sooner stick my head in a lion’s mouth than trust Google with private data.

            Not that new themes really excites me, I’m happy with the theme I’ve been using but as someone who has paid for SwiftKey I’d at least like to receive my gift even if I never make use of it.

        • Jessica

          I also didn’t see what they were describing, or what the link/video showed. I uninstalled, then went to play.google.com and told it to install again. When i opened the app i had to do the setup again, on step 3 there was a Themes link, i click on that and saw what is described now.

        • Kt

          I eventually found them! For those of you who can’t find them if you’re still using the beta version of the keyboard, the option for the free pack isn’t on there. You’ll need to switch back to the non beta version of the keyboard, then you’ll have an option for the free themes! Hope this helps someone (:

    • Daniela P

      They don’t offer the Premiere Pack to you as paying user, but they offer that pack to all users! Great app but I’m disappointed about this.

      • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team


        All SwiftKey Keyboard users who have previously paid for the app are being given the Premier Pack as a gift.

        • Daniela P

          My dad never paid for it but he has downloaded the premier pack for free anyway. Why?

          • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

            @disqus_hF2kkv27WF:disqus Currently the premier pack is only available for users who have previously paid for the app in the past.

          • Daniela P

            I don’t know how but my dad was able to download the pack for free. He told me he never bought the app. *mystery*

          • Merkava

            Yes, same here. My wife uses my old Smartphone and was able to download the pack for free too. I WAS using this phone and payed for SwiftKey but with a different sim/phone number.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team


      All this is outlined in the below FAQ. There are steps that walk through this as well as a how to video


  • Karl Wooldridge

    still no arrow keys on the tablet version unfortunately – I have these on my phone and I wish they were available for the tablet too

  • Kevin Kuo

    So, we can now create and upload our themes to the store?

  • Booyabobby

    Any chance you guys will be updating the tablet legacy app?

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      @Booyabobby:disqus There are no immediate plans to update the legacy tablet. The app is available for free though in the Google Store if you’d like to download SwiftKey 5.

      • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

        @Booyabobby:disqus Just to clarify, the standard free version of SwiftKey now works excellent on tablets. Feel free to download the app and enjoy :)

  • Bethan Thomas

    My emojis are just boxes at the moment :(

    • Jan Edge

      Same here Bethan. I have Jellybean 4.1.2 so they should work. The predictive thing is working, but still only giving me a black square

      • oboefiend

        The emojis only work in 4.4 KitKat

        • Alex

          They work in my 4.3.2 and my 4.4.2. The 4.3.2 ones are black and white though (but not square), which is all 4.3.2 provides natively.

          I don’t have a 4.1.2 device to test with.

        • Jan Edge

          I have a friend with 4.3 and they are working just fine on that. Swiftkey state 4.1 and better…

        • Jan Edge

          I have a friend with 4.3 and it is working beautifully for her. Plus Swiftkey states Jellybean 4.1 and up, so I am hoping that things will be updated to get those versions working just as well as 4.3. The predictive emoji is working, just sad that it also gives me blank squares. lol

    • Guest

      Bethan Thomas That is odd for sure, would you mind sending this report to us by tapping “Contact Support” here:

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      @bethan_thomas:disqus @janedge:disqus Sorry that you are experiencing this issue. This is a compatibility issue that occurs on select devices. SwiftKey uses an Android system font and this means that the device does not have this installed.

    • http://hybrideon.com Deepak Sharma

      you need to install ‘android emogi.ttf’ font in your phone

  • WT

    It’s lagging when I use it now. Can try to improve the speed of the app?

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      Sorry that you are seeing this issue. Please share your experience with us by tapping contact support on support.swiftkey.net

  • vizca

    No estoy nada contento con que hayan convertido mi suscripción en un pack de temas y encima cerrado, no puedo ni elegir los que yo quiero. Además, que los temas no me aportan un valor añadido a la app… muy cabreado con ustedes, pienso que podrían haber dado algo mas a los que ya pagamos a app antes de hacerla gratuita.

    Y no, no escribo en inglés porque no me da la gana y ustedes deberían de tener también un soporte en español, que no somos pocos precisamente.

  • Wayne

    I have paid, but haven’t used it for a while – was going to try again with new update – I cannot see the free download – please help

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      Wayne If you have previously purchased the app from the Google Play Store then you will be able to download the app now. Additionally for more info on how to download the Premier pack please see the FAQ below.


  • Seng Jee Hong

    It’s a great update with the emoji but when will Chinese be added in?!?!?!

  • Joe Young

    why are there still no Chinese language supported? -.-|||

  • Fiverocker

    So now Swiftkey ist free … I don´t mind too much being a TWO time paying customer (paid both versions Phone and tablet versions), but I´m presuming you´ll probably switch to a different type of business model later that follows the (in)famous in-app-payments model (freemium) to generate revenues later from the free app. if that happens I´m going to switch to another keyboard, but let´s see how it goes …

    • Kyle Brooks

      I too am a two time paying customer, and believe at the very least we should be given all the premium content at no cost to us. Considering i now feel like a VC for the company.

      • Iyokus

        I don’t see how you should have gotten more. You paid for the app, you got the app, which required no further payments to SwiftKey. The app is now free, and they gave you more themes for free as a gesture of appreciation. 1) You are still ahead of free users. 2) You have more than what you originally paid for, and it didn’t cost you any more than you have already paid.

        • Kyle Brooks

          See my reply down below to exzrael

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      @Fiverocker:disqus Thanks for being a loyal user and for supporting SwiftKey. For all our users that have bought the app in the past we are offering the premier pack for free.

      • Fiverocker

        Thanks Josh, I get that, but since I´ve never used a different design than the standard one and don´t care much for other designs that does not give me any benefit. I only hope that selling designs will be your only source of revenue, and that you will not sell my usage profile or any personal data collected by SwiftKey to other parties.

  • Valentina V.

    is the update going to be available in the Amazon App-Store too? I got SwiftKey frome there, but I still didnt’ get the update.
    Thank you!

    • H89P

      Would be interested in that as well!

      • Valentina V.

        You can find the answer above… @jeremy_nixon:disqus helped us :)

    • Jeremy Nixon

      I originally got it from the Amazon app store myself.. But I decided to Uninstall it and see what the Google Play Store version was like.. The app recognized that I read already a paid customer once I signed into the cloud and it allowed me to claim me premium pack…

      • Valentina V.

        Thanks for your answer! I did the same and it worked! :)

      • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

        @jeremy_nixon:disqus @valentinavisentin:disqus Glad you got this sorted. Currently, themes and content are only available through the Google Play Store. We are working with Amazon to support SwiftKey 5.

  • Guest

    What do I/we do with the beta version installed – replace with v5??

  • drkrpr

    Does this also mean the beta program is no longer??

  • Kyle Brooks

    Personally I believe as a member who paid for swift key a long time ago, we should receive all keyboard theme’s for free not just the selected ones.

    Also the opportunity to be in SwiftKey beta if we so choose for our continued support.

    • exzrael

      Thats pretty greedy of you ask me. I have gladly paid for SwiftKey long ago and I very much appreciate the 10-themepack that we now get for free. SwiftKey didn’t have to give us anything, so it’s a nice bonus for us.

      Giving away all themes would have been a dumb decision for any company. And unnecessary.

      • Kyle Brooks

        Giving away all themes to a twice paying consumer isn’t dumb, it’s just showing their respect to those of us who allowed them to keep their team with money in their pockets.

        I’m not saying every theme till the end of time just the ones they developed while still under the money umbrella provided by paying consumers.

        I understand they didn’t have to give anything, yet I purchased the product under the assumption that I would receive free unlimited themes and all features.

        Also they didn’t give us the opportunity to choose which pack we wanted, they decided to make that choice for us. Maybe I’d like another theme from a different pack or multiple themes from other packs.

        Paying for my phone version, wife’s phone, daughters phone, mine & my wife’s tablets… That’s 5 total versions i paid for. So, yes thank you TouchType Ltd. for the ‘free’ themes, now please consider letting those of us who put money into your product have the themes that were developed during the time we kept you funded.

  • giuseppe

    Great! But I think that the emoji layout should be themed aswell

  • Droid

    Awesome .. I will get free themes :)

  • Droid

    Imagine how cool would that be if the Keyboard color change with ActionBar color with some blur effect ofcourse :)

  • Leani Alnica Auxilio

    Swiftkey crashes on my cellphone after the update. A little help, guys? I’m using the Swype keyboard on my phone atm.

    Vzw s3, os 4.1.2

    • http://amytsu.wordpress.com Amy Tsu

      I have the same problem. The app and the keyboard stopped working for me after the update.

      HTC One S, T-mobile.

  • Anil Kumar

    Hi how can i download Premier Pack ? . i dont have any option :( please help me

  • Ohad Saidof

    Hey there..
    First of all The update is great!
    But, If you can add the navigation space bar like the LG G3 keyboard have, it will be incredible!!!

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      @ohadsaidof:disqus Thanks for the feedback!

  • Kevin Chapple

    v5 has brought itself problems. When reporting an issue, Version5 is not actually listed in the dropdown list (minor issue).
    BIG ISSUE…. I have key clicks turned on, and used to work fine. However, with v5 the keyclicks are now “echoed”. Instead of a “click” it’s more of a “clclick”. Have mailed Swiftkey, but simply received an auto response “Are you having trouble with flowing or…”. Derrr. Human response would be good!!
    Swiftkey YOU’VE BROKE IT in Version5..

  • HB

    What’s with the new permissions? Why does my keyboard need to know who I talk to on the phone? Why does it need access to my photos/videos/audio files? Unless I get a satisfying answer I’m definitely not updating.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team


      SwiftKey Cloud is an opt in feature within the app. If you are not comfortable with using this feature you can totally decide to opt out. We take data security very seriously. Please see below for more info on that.


      • Gerd Flaig

        How does SwiftKey cloud depend on the call log? If there is a subtle reason, consider mentioning it in the update notes.

  • Harsh Kothari

    I don’t understand your business model. You’re making it free now. Its like you cheated the earlier users who paid for the service. Also, now the dictionaries and cloud service are available for free, to all. Why would anyone buy the themes when they already have 12 themes free?

    • Iyokus

      Repeating what was said to above commenter:

      I don’t see how you should have gotten more. You paid for the app, you
      got the app, which required no further payments to SwiftKey. The app is
      now free, and they gave you more themes for free as a gesture of
      appreciation. 1) You are still ahead of free users. 2) You have more
      than what you originally paid for, and it didn’t cost you any more than
      you have already paid.

      And I think you’re a little mistaken if you think that there is no one that will purchase a theme they don’t already have.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      @harsh_hk:disqus Thanks for being a loyal SwiftKey user and sorry that you feel this way. The app is now free and we are offering more functionality like Emoji. Themes have been our top user request among the community. This model allows SwiftKey to more sustainably bring content like this to our users. The Premier pack of themes is also offered for our users that have purchased the app in the past. Thanks again for your Support!

  • http://vincentguerrero.com/ Vincent Guerrero

    I would love to hear some new sounds in your app. It would make it the ultimate keyboard replacement. Keep up the good work.

  • Jay McPartland

    There are some great new themes, but SwiftKey still desperately needs a white keyboard with red accents.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      @jaymcpartland:disqus Thanks for the thoughts and your feedback!

  • nitrojill

    I LUV the new themes! I was using Regal cuz it’s purple & the closet I culd find to my fav color pink, but w these new choices I can’t decide so I’m trying thm all! These are AWESOME!!… THANX GUYS!!

  • Dick Zeeman

    New version is broken! Not responing when entering the settings, only black square where the keyboard should be when typing! (MIUI 4.6.6.)

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      @dickzeeman:disqus Sorry that you experiencing that on your device. SwiftKey uses a standard Android font and there are certain devices that may not have this installed. Primarily this happens on older versions of Android OS like 4.1.2.

      • Dick Zeeman

        Uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache. Now works like a charm!

        • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

          Awesome, glad everything is now working as expected :)

  • Cuvis

    So how about those of us who paid via Amazon? Will we be receiving the free themes as well?

    • Alex

      Did anyone pay for it on Amazon? It’s been free on there so many times, I lost count.

      I bought it on Play, but also picked it up when it was free on Amazon (why not).

      • Cuvis

        Technically, I did pay for it on Amazon, but I paid for it with the credit I got from buying GTA San Andreas, which I bought with the credit I got from downloading those five free apps. So I suppose not.

        I’m not going to cry about it if I don’t get the themes, I’m just curious more than anything.

  • Alexei Lerner

    For a long time i was waiting for having russian not as beta. It just happened. thx.

    Now i had previously installed and i loved the layout designed (the Enter key) and the numbers on the left side completely (no exception)…
    So please give me the layout of back!

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      @alexeilerner:disqus Enjoy Russian and thanks for using SwiftKey!

  • caviles20

    What if you got SwiftKey through Amazon?

  • Vali Ghindaru

    It keeps crashing on my phone, after the last update (the freemium one). Would really appreciate it if you would fix it. Sucks to have had it premium till now, and when it went FREE to crash and burn like this.
    HTC One S C2

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      @valighindaru:disqus Sorry that you are experiencing this issue. Would you mind submitting this at support.swiftkey.net by tapping contact support? We can look into this further and update you when there is a fix.

    • Josh, SwiftKey Community Team

      @valighindaru:disqus Sorry that you are experiencing this issue. Would you mind submitting this at support.swiftkey.net by tapping contact support? We can look into this further and update you when there is a fix.

      • Vali Ghindaru

        Hey there. I managed to work around it by uninstalling it and the installing it again. That worked. Initially I thought that just a simple update would have worked. I did sent several reports when it crashed. But a clean uninstall – install worked. Thanks for your reply

  • Sukhbir Singh

    On my Atrix HD update keeps hanging up

  • Rubslopes

    Anyone having problems with haptic feedback?
    It’s only working sometimes, generally when I press the first and last letter of each word… For the middle letters, it is not vibrating

  • Daniela P

    “To thank our users who have paid for SwiftKey Keyboard in the past, we’re offering you a Premier Pack of 10 new premium themes to download, worth $4.99, for free!”
    Well, you should say the Premier Pack is available for free to everyone. My dad never bought it and he just downloaded that pack for free as me that I paid for it a long time ago! So I don’t see where is the “thanks” to the users who have paid for. If you want to really thank us, make the rest of the themes available for free to us only.

  • Faheem Ahmed

    please work hard bring urdu language ..and beat ebery single company like minnimum to others!

    and make it free always! and also make new apps and games1

  • mrspeeb

    Does the 10 themes deal apply to those that purchased the Tablet “Legacy” Version too? Should I replace my tablet version with the new free version?

  • Luke Sinclair

    Why don’t you have normal emojis instead of the Android ones? Is it possible to switch?

  • viruzth

    The premium pack is not that good. At least on my taste.
    As a user who pair for your app, I think I should have the ability to choose theme packs (because having free themes is the only advantage that I have).

    I still use old theme rather the premium one. I don’t like the rainbow taste. To bright, I like darker themes. I feel my money is wasted on one I don’t like and without my permission.

    Other than that, you guys are still doing great job.

  • DKPT

    Hi, I have a receipt in my Gmail from Touch Type from 2010 for my purchase of SwiftKey, but when I updated and tried to redeem the premier pack, it looks like Google Play is going to charge me $4.99. What am I missing?

    • DKPT

      Sorry everyone, I should have read further before posting. I’ll go to the FAQS and link provided below. Thanks all

  • Gary Aqua

    I am not going to install this new version. Why do you need so many new permissions. Your customers who paid for the app surely deserve an explanation. I don’t see any information on your website about the new permissions.

  • Guest

    I can’t see the emoji icon on my note 2

  • Queensgate Studios

    Very pleased with SwiftKey overall, a few annoyances though:

    1. Would like to be able to change the long press symbols especially for the question mark. Getting one is too fiddly at the moment.
    2. Some punctuations don’t lose the preceding space, : ; for example.
    3. SwiftKey wants to autocomplete when I hit a full stop. That’s really annoying, since often I use them for shortenings. Toggle please!

    And an idea :
    4. Would love the facility to hit s to pluralise any word.

    Thanks S :-)

  • oz

    The minimal and spotlight themes don’t show special characters next to the letters. You have to guess which key has which special character. Can they be added, or an option to show them?

  • woj_tek

    I have a few gripes with new version:
    * mixing enter and emoji – I want consistent behaviour ALL THE TIME, having to check each time what the action would be is highly annoying
    * emoji – don’t need, don’t use, simple smileys suffice so option to turn off would be nice as they only bring clutter
    * emoticons does’t match keyboard theme – bollocks!
    * enabling number row doesn’t play nice with emoticons view – basically those are two separate keyboards with different views which change position of other element, most of the time send key in chat app and instead of sending message I’m entering prediction after I chose the emoticon – hightly annoying and makes the number row useless

  • http://www.WeboLobby.com/ Aniruddh D

    “Open Sticker” support please.

  • Accoun

    Eh, I realize it’s not the best place to ask, but I guess I have a better chance to get a reply:

    Anyway, why did you remove the third prediction box in split keyboard on tablet? If anything, I’d rather have one more than one less (I know you’ve declined the suggestion before, but I still hope you’d reconsider), but it was good in previous versions and even still is on my phone.

    (and since were at it, ability to change not only height, but also width would be nice – especially again, in split keyboard where there’s lots of unused space)

  • Bethan Thomas

    Anyone else getting the boxes instead of the emojis? I love the new themes now I’ve removed the vibration everytime I pressed a letter. Only one emoji works and I’m not impressed for the first time with SwiftKey.

  • Mila Pi

    Something’s changed with latest update with the enter/emoticon key. It no longer inserts smiley but opens all available smileys pane so I have to click the smiley again to insert it. Thats one more unnecessary click! Prevously, for quick smileys I would hit enter once, or even hit it several times if I wanted to insert several smileys in a row. Now 5 smileys requires 10 clicks!!!!!!! That change is very very bad.

  • Michel Lamblin

    Where are the flags for Emoji? And, side note, why do they only come up as abbreviations in Google Hangouts’ version of Emoji?? E.g.

  • HarvesterX

    Sweet! I’ve owned the paid version for what seems like eternity. I can’t remember if I started using SwiftKey back on my OG DROID or GNex, but feels forever.

    She’s always been my favorite girl in the whorehouse that’s called the Play Store. Well until recently when we started falling apart from each other.

    I then started seeing another gal and have been seeing her daily (although I still have SwiftKey’s number – AKA still installed). This new girl is named Fleksy (latest beta copy which is greatly improved on if that’s even fathomable… Word prediction is getting MUCH better)

    I’m going to try the new free version as I’ve been a beta guy for some time (same with Fleksy) and see how it runs. I like keeping things new so I’m sure I’ll still use her.

    I also keep Hacker’s Keyboard around for when a full QWERTY is handy (ex; working on Office documents and using ctrl + r to align text to the right). Android itself has many shortcut keys but since I can’t keep a keyboard open and focused on the homescreen it’s kinda moot unless you have a Bluetooth keyboard.

    Let me stop rambling and go download the latest SwiftKey and check her out. With Fleksy though I knocked out the Guinness record phrase in just under 12 seconds in their contest and coming in just shy of winning a new Nexus 5. (I think I used the 2.5.4.t beta when I did this, but my numbering may be wrong). That’s 6+ seconds faster than the current record. Guess I’m not too disappointed in not getting the N5 being as I use a G2 but still

  • Paweł Sikorski

    can you add the ability to turn off predictive text?

  • Jack Doyle


    I’m paying user but cant download premier pack, why?

  • Federica Ponterio

    Hi, I have a problem with the keyboard. I do not understand why the emoji are not displayed. I have Android 4.2.2 system

  • Federica Ponterio

    I have a problem with the keyboard. I do not understand why the emoji are not displayed. I have Android 4.2.2 system

  • Guest

    I have a problem with the keyboard. I do not understand why the emoji are not displayed. I have Android 4.2.2 system

  • Federica Ponterio

    I have a problem with the keyboard. I do not understand why the emoji are not displayed. I have Android 4.2.2 sistem…

  • Federica Ponterio

    I have a problem with the keyboard. I do not understand why the emoji are not displayed. I have Android 4.2.2 sistem. Why?

  • mv srinivas

    i have seen somewhere on net SwiftKey Keyboard v5.0.1.77.
    but i cant see this version in forum or here or at playstore.does this version really exist?pls reply

  • Nhat Khanh Le Dinh

    Very cool thanks for this perfect app!

  • Nhat Khanh Le Dinh

    Very cool thanks for this perfect app!

  • Cee Cee

    Since the my Samsung galaxy s3 upgrade into a Kit Kat, I can’t send out my emoji like I want too without using my data. In order to use my emojis, if will automatically change my SMS to MMS. What’s even worst, when the receiver gets the MMS that contain an emoji(s), he/she receive crazy symbol(s) OR blank message. Can this be fix please? Been a fan with this app for years and now it’s sucks because I really love this app.

  • Francisco Enrique Perez Abreu

    LAAAAAGGGGGGGSSSS! Disabled! betas were better!

  • Pratik Doshit

    does anyone else facing delay in keypad popup in any app?? i am on note 3 4.4

  • Kompre

    Hey guys, now that SwiftKey has become a free app, it is a little bit spammy. Twice in few days apart, I had a notification for customize my dictionary and a prompt appeared on the keyboard suggesting to navigate the theme section. It was OK once in a while, but so frequently is becoming annoying.
    I bought your app in the good ol’ days because it was a really powerful tool. I would like it stays that way, without being harass by ads now that’s free

  • marawan

    How I can download it!!??

  • crogs

    Great, swiftkey goes free and crashes all the time. Stellar way to leave beta. Now the beta is expired and the new app crashes. Way to hang your customers out to dry. The least you could do is update the last beta so we have a working solution until you fix the crashing problem. Is that too much to ask?

  • Justin Short

    I just downloaded the beta update and it has ruined my phone.

    have an HTC One X+ and now when I go to the lockscreen the keyboard
    doesn’t appear, I get a notification that swiftkey has stopped working
    and I have no way to enter my passcode. It’s literally just a black
    space under where it says to enter pin to unlock.

    I can’t even
    start my phone in recovery mode or do a hard factory reset because I
    have fast boot enabled and it has to be turned off in order to do this. I
    can’t disable fast boot because I am locked out of my phone

  • Rob Wilson

    is there a switch where i can go back to the old b/w emojis? i hate that the color ones send as MMS

  • Juanra

    Hi SwiftKey….

    I’m using Nickel White theme on my Nexus 4. When using WhatsApp the keyboard background (not the keys) turn black. Do you have any info about this bug???? or the proper channel to report it or send you an image?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Charles

    One thing you should mention is that to get the new themes *you must install the new unified app*.

    I’ve been running the (now legacy) Tablet version for ages and it was updated on a regular basis so I wasn’t too concerned about the legacy tag. But I spent a few minutes looking for the theme store in vain until I realised I needed to switch.

  • Linya

    Hi Swiftkey can you add my Khmer language. :)

  • Kevin

    Still no Chinese seriously?!


    wow!! awesome ‘SwiftKey Keyboard goes free’, its really a great and informative post, and i think all the users are very happy to know this. personally, when i was downloading this from Rock App Roll, i was very happy at that time.

  • Ruwayd Ramzi

    Good apk