SwiftKey Cloud Beta updated

August 1, 2013

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Updated 12th August 2013 – new Beta available here

Hi everyone,

Many thanks for all of your comments, suggestions, and bug reports regarding SwiftKey Cloud Beta. Our developers have been working hard on some improvements based on your feedback and we have a new updated version for you to test.

To get the new Beta, just tap on the links below from your phone or tablet and it will immediately start to download.*

SwiftKey Cloud Beta (for phones) (8.7 Mb) 
SwiftKey Cloud Tablet Beta (10.3 Mb) 

Please download these APKs and leave us your feedback on our VIP Community – your comments can help shape the future of SwiftKey.

Watch this space for more updates based on feedback from our awesome VIPs.

Cheers, Charlie

* Some users have reported that Chrome’s bandwidth management setting interferes with the download process. You can disable this by going to Bandwidth Management within Chrome’s settings, or simply tap on the link using another browser.

Full changelog and known issues for


  • Improved behaviour of different keyboard layouts when multiple languages are enabled
  • Improvement to Flow prediction quality
  • Minor performance improvements aimed at reducing likelihood of lag
  • Fixes for a variety of crashes in the settings
  • Improvements in hyphen handling
  • Keyboard should no longer refuse to accept input for a short while after pressing send in messaging apps
  • Kingsoft Office should no longer cause a crash
  • Fixed crashes when personalizing with Gmail
  • Enter key should now move cursor to new line in Firefox
  • Predictions disabled in Vaulty app’s password field

Known issues:

  • When words are removed from predictions on device, they may need to be re-added on all devices individually
  • Two emojis typed next to each other in Handcent or Hangouts may combine into a weird new emoji
  • Occasional crashes in cloud setup