SwiftKey Cloud Beta Update

August 12, 2013

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Hi everyone,

We have a new SwiftKey Cloud Beta available for you all to try out – this addresses a number of the issues that have been reported by our amazing VIPs.

To get the new Beta, just tap on the links below from your phone or tablet and it will immediately start to download.*

SwiftKey Cloud Beta (for phones) (8.3 Mb)
SwiftKey Cloud Tablet Beta (9.9 Mb)

Please download these APKs and leave us your feedback on our VIP Community – your comments can help shape the future of SwiftKey.

To recap, SwiftKey Cloud beta brings a host of new features including:

1. Backup & Sync: The words and phrases that matter to you will now be securely backed up and seamlessly synced across your devices. If your phone or tablet gets an upgrade, or gets lost or stolen, there is no longer any need to teach SwiftKey the people, places and things you mention most as you type.
2. Trending Phrases: Our technology will now analyze Twitter and local news sources to sift out the most relevant daily discussions and trending topics. It’s launching first for English (AU, US & UK), Arabic, Dutch, French (FR), German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese (PT & BR), Russian, Spanish (ES & LA), Swedish, and Turkish with support for more languages on the way.
3. Enhanced Personalization: We’re making it easier than ever for SwiftKey to learn from your writing style. Gmail and Facebook personalization can be authorized in just one click and we’ve also added Yahoo! Mail, with more sources on the way.

Thanks very much for helping us to make SwiftKey the best keyboard on Android.

Cheers, Charlie

* Some users have reported that Chrome’s bandwidth management setting interferes with the download process. You can disable this by going to Settings -> Bandwidth Management, or simply tap on the link using another browser.

Full changelog and known issues for


  • Now possible to personalize from a second Gmail account before personalizing from an earlier one has finished
  • Fix for crash when starting Gmail personalization
  • Increased responsiveness of Flow predictions (this should reduce the likelihood of the flowed word prediction changing right at the last second)
  • Handcent and Hangout Emoji entry fixed
  • Language models no longer backed up via Android back up if you have SwiftKey Cloud backup and sync enabled (this should save on network and battery usage)
  • Further fixes for crashes in the Cloud preferences
  • Disabled predictions in Pleco where requested
  • Removed SwiftKey account details from the Android Settings, as these were confusing when you had multiple installs side-by-side

Known issues:

  • If you re-add a word that you previously removed from predictions, it will not always get re-added across all your synced devices
  • The showerhead Emoji in GoSMS messes up input
  • Spanish inverted ? not visible on plain QWERTY keyboard when Spanish is loaded
  • Popup accented characters missing after changing layout or language settings
  • Prediction bar too small in landscape mode
  • SwiftKey reluctant to replaced a mistyped bottom row character with a space (e.g. ‘Hibthere’ will not get corrected to ‘Hi there’)
  • mesmorino

    Man that redundant comma button just won’t quit. It must be holding the SwiftKey devs hostage because I have no idea how there isn’t even a mention of it anywhere. Not even in the complaints!

    • Richard Harper

      We need it moved from the swipe box on the right of the space bar. There is no need for it to be ther

      • mesmorino

        I completely agree!

    • Roberto Stefanini

      I like the comma there. Maybe if they just give you the option to add it in or not

      • mesmorino

        Yeah but you see, we have two comma buttons. Aside from the fact that only one is necessary, the second one, the one in the punctuation slider actively interferes with the exclamation mark

        • Andre Restivo

          You can slide left on the punctuation slider to make an exclamation mark without having to open the punctuation pop-up.

          • mesmorino

            Yes, except that if you slide too fast or too slow, you are likely to get the comma button instead. There is no need for another comma button, especially not one that is blatantly in the way

          • Mohamad Hussein

            Agree! Off the slider will help as it is temperamental depending on the speed to typing/sliding!

  • Barend Stapelberg

    Could we PLEASE get the ability to turn of auto-space when swiping and full stop. Topping file names is a pain…

  • Ricky Harding

    I’m trying to download English UK but it gets to 100% then I get an error message stating language download failed :-(

    • Charlie Edmunds

      This should be working now – please try again

      • Ricky Harding

        Hi Charlie, yup, that’s worked this time. Thanks for a speedy response.

  • biker74

    Unable to download English UK. 100% then download fail. Seems to be for any language.

    • Mohamad Hussein

      Couldn’t get any version of English. Arabic downloaded fine though but that is not what I need. Non beta version works fine with the English, it is just the beta!

      • Charlie Edmunds

        This should be working now – sorry for the inconvenience

        • Mohamad Hussein

          Thank you, it does!

        • Jon B

          It’s not working. I’ve rebooted my phone, uninstalled the beta app and reinstalled and turned airplane mode on then off. Still doesn’t download the English language.

  • biker74

    Got it working with English AU

    • Steven Benton

      And English (US) is working, English (UK) is not
      Other than that, the beta is good!

  • Lincoln M King

    Had it working fine this morning, but needed to a do reset on my phone. Now I cannot get English US language pack to install.

    • Charlie Edmunds

      Hi – this should be fixed now if you try again

      • Jon B

        Still not working.

  • Wojtachk

    I can’t download the English language packs. I did manage to download Polish so it isn’t all of it.

    • Mohamad Hussein

      I couldn’t download either. This seems to be related to the beta version and the updated language package! I hope it is fixed soon. Other non English languages download fine!

      • Charlie Edmunds

        Our devs say this should be working now – sorry!

        • Anthony Agovino

          I have a Nexus 7-2 and it shows a download occur (animation) and then gives a failure message for language pack (US English) failing. How does I get around this? I love this app on my phone also and just am tired of having to choose it again after each reboot. Thanks for your help.

        • Jon B

          It’s not working. I’ve rebooted my phone, uninstalled the beta app and
          reinstalled and turned airplane mode on then off. Still doesn’t download
          the English language…

  • Julian De La Cruz Aquino

    Very Good ,only got it working with English (AU)

  • myculito

    English US language pack will not download. How do we notify SwiftKey?

    • Charlie Edmunds

      This should be fixed now – please try again

      • Jon B

        Not working still

    • Ricky Harding

      you just did :)

  • Michael Versak

    The link in the feedback from the app doesn’t go anywhere in Chrome. Also, how do you turn off auto correct? Seems to auto correct some words

  • neil Bailey

    Not letting me updated English language pack now on latest beta update, keeps failing

    • Charlie Edmunds

      Our devs say this should be fixed now – please try again.

      • Jon B

        Your devs are wrong. It may have worked 5 hours ago but it isn’t working now.

  • Humberto Flores

    Just an FYI, even if you don’t update to the latest beta, the language pack in English still fails.

    • Charlie Edmunds

      Devs say this should be fixed now – please try again.

      • Jon B

        Nope, I still can’t download the english language pack

  • Birbrata Roy

    Please add language Benglish language (Bengali in English)

    • Fitzelgard Allan Gerard

      Why not just write it in english. Seriously don’t be lazy, teach the keyboard.

  • Charlie Edmunds

    Hi everyone – we are looking into the issues with downloading the English language packs – thanks for reporting.

    (Charlie @ SwiftKey)

    • Charlie Edmunds

      Our devs say that this should already be sorted out – so please try again and let us know if you still have the same problem.

      • Jon B

        Your devs are wrong. It is not sorted out, I still can’t download the language pack.

    • Jon B

      I still cannot download the English language pack

  • manoj ap

    I was informed that beta period is over and I had to unninstall

  • Gary Moore

    Still unable to download English language pack. Have been trying for the last hour now. Beta seems to be the issue.

  • Guest

    Good job on the fail Swiftkey. No one is able to download the English language packs.

  • Jon B

    My phone gets to 87% then download fails for the English Language. I’ve tried seven times now.

  • YukiHayate

    please add Japanese!!!

  • Mario Hindy

    I do not know how activate and deactivate prediction…plzz i wanna know

  • http://badassdash.com/ Brian J King

    Is there a way to import settings backed up using TitaniumBackup from a stock rom to a flashed rom? I am NOT yet utilizing the beta.

  • ErikTSG

    The words in the prediction bar are very small in the latest release – they previously were in a font the same size as the keyboard letters, but now are much smaller. difficult to read. Any way to change it?

  • http://www.saadreviews.com/ Mehar Saad Ahsan.

    I am also unable to download US English version, please help. It fails when reached 100 percent

  • R S

    All my ‘personal’ words are gone after update!
    Trying to re-personalize through that cloud service, but Yahoo personalization fails constantly. Solutions?

  • Gary Cameron

    English (CA) download fail. I see the progress bar moves, but when it seems to reach 100% it says download failed, then prompts me to install it again in a few hours. Fustrating!

  • t maz

    Wrong forum

  • Grant Steele

    When i tapped on the link, this popped up