New update for SwiftKey emoji beta

April 28, 2014

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Hi everyone,

There’s a new update for our SwiftKey Keyboard beta today with emoji support and number row – you can update it now for free.

Thank you to everyone who’s tested the beta so far – your feedback is helping us improve the product and get it ready for the Google Play and Amazon App Store version.

This version brings improvements to the emoji layout and resolves issues reported by our users. It also fixes a problem experienced by users of LG G2 handsets, adding a new permission request relating to the app booting up. For more information about existing permissions, please read our Help article on the subject.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Improved Enter Key behavior – when the user has opted to have the Smiley at the top above the carriage return, when the user long-presses the key, it now inserts a new line in Hangouts and other IM apps
  • Some mid-sentence capitalization issues fixed
  • Improved personal language model error recovery
  • Fixes to several jumpy cursor behaviors
  • Fixes regarding new personalization sources (Google+ and Evernote)
  • Fixed predictions with physical keyboards
  • Several crashes and minor bugs fixed

Known issues

The team is working hard on many of the features and issues raised during the beta process. Here are some of the bugs we’re currently aware of:

  • Number row mistyping correction not yet complete – ‘h3llo’ will not predict ‘hello’
  • Keyboard wake up lag
  • If SwiftKey is not the active keyboard it may crash
  • In some cases, keyboard overlaps text area
  • Thai language inserts spaces in some instances
  • Samsung multiwindow incompatibilities

Thank you for your on-going feedback. Please report any issues you experience using the beta in our VIP forum. Not yet a SwiftKey VIP? It’s quick and easy to sign up!


Evan and the SwiftKey Team

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