New update for SwiftKey beta with emoji and number row!

January 14, 2014

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Hi everyone!

Today we’re pleased to let you know we’re putting out an update to the SwiftKey beta with emoji support and the optional number row.

Download the updated beta:

Firstly, a big thank you to all who’ve downloaded it and shared your feedback in – this helps us identify where any problems are and take on board your suggestions.

The changes in this latest update are mainly under the hood – we’ve focused on some performance and memory issues to improve your overall experience. This isn’t the end of the improvements we’re making so don’t worry if we haven’t fixed something you’ve flagged yet – many issues and ideas are still being worked on and we’re still listening to your feedback.

Improvements include:

  • Secondary characters on the top letter row modified when number row is enabled
  • Redesigned emoji UI including new space and backspace bar, swipe gestures to switch emoji tab and changes to how the layout works under the hood
  • Fixed performance issues when switching between tabs
  • Emoji now appear larger
  • Fixed issue where emoji still predicted even when disabled
  • General memory problems fixed
  • Fixed issue where Ice theme used extra RAM
  • Fixed keyboard freezes
  • Fixed issues when syncing
  • Fixed problem with Trending Phrases not updating
  • Fixed incorrect vibration feedback when scrolling

Some of you have asked us why emoji look different depending on what you’re doing. In short, what you see varies between different versions of Android and different apps. Emoji are only supported on Android Jellybean and KitKat (4.1 and later). SwiftKey uses the system emoji font which is black and white in Jellybean and colour in KitKat but some apps (eg WhatsApp) render the emoji within messages with app-specific fonts whereas Google Hangouts uses the same colour emoji font as KitKat. This means that although the meaning remains the same, the actual images may vary between apps and between the sending and receiving device. We hope that helps!

Thank you for all your feedback so far – we hope you enjoy these fixes and improvements!

Evan and the SwiftKey team

  • TheSparks

    When will emojis come to the stable version?
    And do you have plans on adding a personal dictionary, so I can create shortcuts – this is one feature that I miss so much from Google Keyboard.

    • Zim

      +1 to the dictionary.

    • Tiago Azevedo

      Personal dictionary? What do you mean by that? Don’t you know SwiftKey stores your words as you type and if it doesn’t recognize the word, it will learn it and predict it next time it’s needed.

      • Jason Bourne

        He means being able to type @@ and have it aotomaticslly insert your email address, for example.

      • Kristin Drysdale

        +Tiago Azevedo, I agree with your comment. I have not experienced any issue with Swiftkey not predicting accurately. Perhaps people need to make sure they have explored their personal settings and enabled linking to the different services they use (such as Twitter, Google, and such).

    • Michelle Moon

      I agree. The personal dictionary on the Google keyboard is extremely helpful & I would love to see it on this. Also the heart emoji like this one (♡) should be added!

  • Nightmare

    again, qrcode for download

  • Dario · 753 a.C. .

    i hope you’ve reduced RAM usage too. and i hope now swiftkey is more responsive, because i don’t care so much if there are new features when swiftkey is everytime lagging when i’m typing :)

    • Tiago Azevedo

      What device do you have?

      • Dario · 753 a.C. .

        i’ve a samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830. i know it’s not the best phone, but i have a slimmed rom and almost nothing installed. i’ve 130MB free in RAM, but swiftkey is still lagging.

        • Jonas

          They should reduce the memory consumption. It eats too much memory for a keyboard. I will be okay with less than 40 mb of consumption.

          • Dario · 753 a.C. .

            yes, i agree. before the last upgrade, on my phone it used 18 or 20 MB in RAM. now, with the last update it uses 30 or 35 MB too in RAM.

        • Tiago Azevedo

          It runs perfectly on my Galaxy Nexus with an heavy CyanogenMod ROM!

          • Dario · 753 a.C. .

            don’t you have to wait some second for displaying suggestion words when you’re typing? are they immediate?

            on stock keyboard i don’t have to wait to see what i’m typing. you got what i mean?

          • Tiago Azevedo

            Absolutely zero lag. Everything is instantaneous!

          • bairo

            I have an optimus g pro running very lean and I get the 1-2 second lag for initial start up (I hate that) I am curious as to turning off cloud sync would help. It would be logical for the delay as it is trying to connect with cloud and start at the same time.

          • Dataek

            Are stupid? Cyanogenmod is not a heavy rom.. It’s a rom that runs good because it’s clean Android. You know what a heavy rom is? Samsungs Touchwiz is.. Don’t be a hero that your phone is good now days it’s a 4 years old device.. heavy mod *lmoa*

      • Виталий Яковлев

        Samsung Galaxy S2 (9100) on stable version i wait about 2-4seconds to see keaybord – it’s a little bit annoying ((

        • Tiago Azevedo

          I have a Galaxy Nexus with the heavy CyanogenMod and SwiftKey runs flawlessly!

        • ZpAnish

          I had that same problem on my Galaxy S2…then I upgraded to Galaxy S4, no problems since

  • Don

    On my Galaxy Note 2 (Android 4.3) the flow trail is a skinny broken line. Is this a fault? If not, is there a way to change it to be thicker?

  • Pete

    Still no option for all 4 arrow keys to be permanently displayed on tablets like we can on phones though? I despair. Feels like those of us who have been requesting this feature since you “unified” the app are just wasting our time asking for it as Swiftkey clearly aren’t listening / don’t care.

    • Kristin Drysdale

      I agree that ‘four-arrow key’ would be a great integration. Though I think it’s hardly fair to say the devs don’t care.

      • Pete

        Kristin – I said “don’t care” as that’s how it seems. There have been several posts on these blogs asking for arrow keys but Swiftkey haven’t acknowledged them (unlike on other posts on subjects such as emojis), also numerous threads on the VIP forum asking for them, plus bug reports etc. which usually just receive the response that we should press the number key or use the “extended” layout (which only gives left & right arrow keys, and also messes with the rest of the keyboard layout compared to the norm) but Swiftkey haven’t said anything like “we’re looking into it”, “we’re working on it”, “we have no plans for this” etc. etc. which I think makes my “Swiftkey aren’t listening / don’t care” comment justified.

        • Kristin Drysdale

          You make some valid points, Pete. I, too, have experienced the plague of the “missing arrows” on tablet. I apologize if I offended you. I guess I justify my response because of the very warm interactions I’ve had from SwiftKey Support. Here’s to getting our arrows- Cheers!

  • Mads Therkelsen

    It would be super cool if you guys could make a recent used emoji tab like the Google keyboard has

    • Martina Johnson

      Yeah. And like in whatsapp. Proposal : if possible integrate the default smileys like :-) in the symbol section on a second tab / page like the stock keyboard on my samsung S3 mini handles that and use the last tab in your emojis for it instead.

    • Jason Kirk

      Agreed.. This is the only thing that I can think of that SwiftKey can improve. You guys are so far ahead on everything else all the time. Thanks so much for the constant improvements!!

      • Jason Kirk

        Way to come through for us SwiftKey! 😀

  • Jonas

    Please optimize the memory consumption. It eats 50 mb of my memory in the last version it only eats 38 mb. Please optimize memory consumption! I am using 4.0.4.

  • sole

    es el mejor….me encanta

  • Nick

    3×4 keyboard choice?????

  • vinothr

    More themes, more themes, and more themes!

    • Jonas

      We should have a chance to choose Swiftkey Themes in Google Play Store!

      • Jonas

        The default themes are too boring! They should make Unique Designs!

      • Cory Renfro

        Where are they within the Play Store

        • Jonas

          The swiftkey themes are not yet in Play Store. I only gave them an idea to have them downloadable in the Play Store.

      • Victor Kyalo

        totally agree with that, even when its so customizable there should be a choice of getting the boring android keyboard

    • MellFriezk_48

      Yes we need more theme…

    • kayce

      does it work on lg? i seem to not be getting emojis

  • Sergi

    The Ram consumption is very high

  • deniman

    Long time waiting for the “ª” and it seems I’ll keep waiting :(

  • Łukasz Kurzyniec

    how about changing/defining behave of return key and do not send SMS on it, but put new line?

    • FreezeGame

      Within Swiftkey’s Settings/Theme and Layout, there is an option for the Enter key “Always long press for emojis” which can be checked. Upon doing so, the Enter key becomes the primary function, and emojis become the second option. Tapping the Enter key results in a new line being created while using the default SMS app, websites, and other tasks.

      Just now, while composing this reply from my phone, I was able to press the Enter key twice to start a new paragraph.

      However, it definitely depends on the messaging enviornment being used. For instance, using Google Hangouts to send a SMS or standard message results in the reply being sent upon tapping Enter.

      • ysk

        why isnt a workaround for this possible? Hangout is the future default sms app for android. we can use an extra button for this. nothing more annoying than not being able to do so.

        • FreezeGame

          I agree. I exclusively use Hangouts for all of my SMS/MMS needs. I don’t like being forced to switch to the default messaging app to compose well formatted replies.

          However, it’s not a Swiftkey issue, but a function of Hangouts itself. Google needs to add a setting which allows more control over keyboard utilization.

      • snom

        Can NOT use emojis in Instagram comments! The option “Alway long press for emojis” is activated. Please make an OTHER key then the enter-key to switch to emojis!

      • Łukasz Kurzyniec

        I don’t have such option in Settings.
        My default app for SMS is normal Messaging.

        • FreezeGame

          You might want to download the latest version first. I believe that you at least need to have v4.5.0.16 Beta to have such options. The available version within this blog is v4.5.0.22 Beta. That should get you sorted.

          • Łukasz Kurzyniec

            Unfortunately it doesn’t solve my problem. Now I think it could be issue with CyanogenMod, not with SwiftKey. Thx for trying to help!

  • Gabriela González

    Excellent, I had problem with before version with the emojis in my instagram

  • Wassim Taher

    Why can’t we Swype on the numbers row? This is very important because we write Arabic in Lattin words with combination of numbers (some letters in Arabic do not exist in Latin and we use numbers to represent those numbers). Here’s an example of an Arabic sentence written in Latin and Numbers: “7abibi shou 3am ta3mel”. Do you get it now? Please allow us to Swype over the numbers. I can see these words in prediction but can’t write them quickly by Swyping. Millions in the Arab world write this way every day so please consider it.

  • vgergo

    so much better with the number row and now the extra symbols.

  • Nyght

    I can download the update, but the install button doesn’t work…I can cancel out of the install, but I can’t actually hit the button. And yes, I have the settings checked to allow me to install apps from outside sources. :) Known issue, or a me problem?

    • kitty

      I am having the same problem! Did anyone find a work around for this?

    • Steff

      I had the same trouble. It turns out what my GravityBox module was preventing the install. I turned it off and installed fine, and then I turned it back on.

  • Pk

    SwiftKey is great but predictions become ridiculously inaccurate and annoying when it’s trying to write in two or more languages at the same time. Please quit combining keyboards like that and let us choose what language to use. I keep having to disable my second languages because they interfere so much.

    • Mikael

      It works fine when I switch between Swedish and English (which happens a lot). So maybe not disable it for us who like the function? But instead make it an option under settings? :-)

      • Pk

        English and Swedish use different keyboards. I’m talking about eg. French and English which both use the same keyboard. Gives predictions in both languages at the same time.

  • Kevin Rodriguez

    I love this keyboard… Has everything I need and a big thanks to SwiftKey..

  • brianzion

    cool keep up the good work ♨

  • Dan Anand

    Just downloaded the beta. It says can’t open file .the previous beta worked.

  • Herberth

    You should add a tab with Most used emojis, like WhatsApp

  • Kdmw

    The updates are great! I haven’t had any problems at all.
    I agree with having a most used tab. Would be my only suggestion to date.

    • Ruth

      Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. Don’t forget you can share and discuss your ideas over at the VIP forum too:

  • Michael Wolfe

    I have bought the full version, but I prefer the beta version because of the emojis and dedicated number row. After the 30 day trial of when the beta version ends it should continue to work since I’ve bought the full verssion. Just a thought.

  • [A]dri[A]n

    This is basically perfect now! GREAT JOB! :)

    • Ruth

      Thank you for the awesome feedback!

  • Dan Anand

    Can anyone confirm if they are able to successfully open the file after downloading the link? I’ve enabled downloads from any source, and the previous beta opened fine.

    Ok, it working now. Appears to be a problem with the aosp browser on kitkat not downloading files correctly. Try chrome.

    Browser is lagging much more so than before, on nexus 5

  • Mike Yduarte

    I had the beta version and loved it so much I decided to purchase the full app… Now the emoji won’t show properly. .. Why is that?

    • Mikael

      Because Emojis are not part of the full release. It’s part of the Beta. You have to wait for the final upgrade (like I do :-))

  • Abdullah AL-Rawahi

    Still NO emoji on instagram :S

    • jerricalea

      all because you can’t hold the darn enter key lol. you can use it when you post pictures though.

      • Victor Kyalo

        there is no enter key on that option @jerricalea:disqus there is just enter to send

  • don

    i wasn’t able to install the updated beta. parsing error. Anyone have a fix?

  • Wattblicker

    More Themes please. Otherwise, I am very satisfied. Thumbs up.

  • Ogbu Adah Vincent

    More themes please

  • kitty

    Succesfully downloaded and opened the file, but unable to install the update. Anyone else is experiencing this problem?

  • Pete Pagan

    More themes! …, .com button too…, fonts would be nice.

  • garychencool

    What happened to the dark theme? I noticed this when I opened it up and it said unknown theme, using Cobalt.

    • Ruth

      Hi, thanks for your message, we’re currently looking into where it’s gone! Apologies for the inconvenience.

  • Blarg

    im running a decently powerful device and im surprised at the ammount of time it takes to open. It ranges from a half second slower than the default keypad, to a full blown second.

    And the flow key correction method is flawed. It actually slows you down when it gets a word wrong. I actually have to either select the previous word by tapping on it to correct it, or i have to hit backspace. WHY NOT HAVE THE WORD PROMTS READY AFTER YOU SWYPE A WORD? Remeber, flow is never aleays right, if you cant correct a mistake on the fly, then whats the point of flow?

  • Виталий Яковлев

    two days ago downoaded beta, in two days flow prediction is off and i can’t enable it :( switched to normal version.

  • Jeff Rice

    Really liked the Dark theme which now seems to be missing. Please bring that back

    • Ruth

      Hi Jeff, thanks for your comment, we’re looking into where Dark has disappeared to. You might find Forest a close alternative while we investigate.

  • snom

    Can NOT use emojis in Instagram comments! Please make an OTHER key then the enter-key to switch to emojis! In Instagram comments e.g. the enter-key is a send-key. The setting “Enter key: Alway long press for emojis” has no effect!

    • Ruth

      Hi, we’re aware of some issues with Instagram and this is one of the things the team are still investigating. Thanks for your feedback.

  • Kungen

    I can’t change from English to any other keyboard. I have enabled Swedish but can’t use it.

    • Kungen

      Swedis spelling is there, but not the characters.

  • Mtberharry

    I have lost word predicion and flow with the beta update. Using nexus 7 2012 running 4.4. Took me 3 times as long to write this☺☺:-) .and just noticed emojis wont apear in this comment when pressed. Love swiftkey .please fix

  • Mohammed

    Hope still free

  • Ivan Felipe Barrera

    Reduce RAM consume please!! I’m going to buy it anyway, but it would be an awesome improvement

  • Jonas

    They should have a turn off switch for emojis in the settings so we can reduce memory consumption if we are not using the emoji feature.

  • Jonas

    I am only using swiftkey, because of the low memory footprint. Please optimize the memory consumption 512 mb ram devices will suffer! Huhuhu!

  • Judy Ann

    Goggle’s new keyboard, Kiii, has a separate screen with keys to begin selection, select, all, clear, end, home, cut, copy, paste and the four arrow keys. If you could set this up, your keyboard would be perfect. It would make my day so much easier.

    I’ve mentioned this before, as I feel it is the only thing SwiftKey is missing. I hope to see it addressed before this Beta version becomes the next regular version. If by any chance you have addressed it and I have missed it, please let me know so I can start using it immediately.

    I do have another suggestion. The normal punctuation keys on the keyboard (period, comma, exclamation point, and question mark) all snap back to the word before them, to eliminate any unnecessary spaces between the two. However, the same is not true for the semi-colon, colon, apostrophe, quotation marks, dash, asterisk, and percent mark. Since it does work on the parentheses, braces, and square brackets, their position on the key has nothing to do with this function’s absence on these items. It would be great if they could work as well as their counterparts.

    Thank you for giving us the chance to try out your keyboard before it is released to the public, and also the opportunity to influence what the keyboard can do. SwiftKey will always be my keyboard of choice!

  • Robert J. California

    Definitely need emojis to come to the stable version. That will be a huge improvement.

  • Paola

    The emojis need real improvement. This feature isn’t polished yet, I know Google Keyboard is a finished product but the way they handle emojis is way better than Swiftkey. First, when you tap for emojis it is quite laggy, scrolling is laggy, as well. Second, we need the option to decide if we prefer emojis or Enter. I don’t need enter and I prefer to tap once and not long press for emojis. It takes time, and the less time we waste, the better. Also, the white background doesn’t look really good, but I guess, this one is preference. When you write a word and it coincides with a emoji and you get a suggestion is quite brillian, congrats! And please, add some themes, Flesky themes are elegant and really really nice, would be awesome if Swiftkey did something like that too.

  • David

    HTC One. Warning, don’t download the latest beta. It was working fine until I updated it yesterday. Does not work now and had to revert to non-beta version and lose my emojis (insert sad emojis here). These settings no longer work with version released 1/13/14: double space-bar does nothing, it should insert period and start next sentence with auto caps, single space-bar does not complete word, auto punctuation for words, example: its or ill (I’ll) not working, auto spell-correct and word completion not working. All these features are checked in settings. All worked fine before the update. Please fix. I want my emojis back.

  • ThaCooLoser

    Looking good Swiftkey, win me back. I’ve used you for 3 years and had to switch to Swype for the instant remembrance of my sentences. You used to do that but what happened?

  • Omobolaji Badmus

    It will be nice if swiftkey can add gestures to the Flow part. e.g. gestures to select all, copy, Capital letters, etc

  • Mandeep Singh

    Thanks for the update.

    But Why there is no Punjabi support? It was supposed to be out few betas ago.

  • Daisymone D

    I have one big problem where the keyboard just goes away while I’m typing. And on Instagram the Emoji goes away

  • Juanjo

    Don’t work for me. Say that I don’t have a SD card.

  • Jakub Kołakowski

    Hi guys!

    Are you planning to join Play Store beta apps programme? It’d be great for the users :)

  • Aimar

    Ok… problem with the emojis on the android is now that when i select a smiley face, it then converts the sms to a media message.
    Which is not what i want …. so still needs fixing.

  • Franklin Romero

    Emojis is not showing up on instagram. Pressing enter won’t do it nor it shows up on the key. Galaxy Note 3. It does come up as suggestions though. Otherwise, this is awesome. Pliz fix!

    • Ruth

      Hi, thanks for your feedback, this is a known issue and it’s being investigated by the team.

  • Joana Madeira

    Where is the predition / suggestions? >.<
    The flow don't work too.

    In the previous Beta, this two features work.

    Please fix this issues, and reduce the RAM consuption.

    • Chris

      My beta version does not display predictions either. Any fix for this?

  • Matthias Henning

    So are the themes still ugly as *****?

  • jdrch

    Why not join the Google Play Beta program so we don’t have to sideload if we don’t want to?

  • suavemezie

    The update removes the Dark theme, my favorate, please restore DARK theme

    • Ruth

      Hi, thanks for your message. We’re looking into how this happened for you.

      • suavemezie

        Thanks for the snappy acknowledgement.

  • Bet Aclaro

    I installed this. Where did the Dark theme go? It’s the most tolerable (nice) of all your themes and in this beta version it’s gone.

    • Ruth

      Hi Bet, thanks for your comment, we’re looking into why Dark disappeared and we’ll keep everyone posted.

  • Ricky

    LG G2 (Jelly Bean 4.2.2) has default support of Emoji (Color Emoji !!). I am testing new beta, But after having default support by handset, still SwiftKey Emoji show black&white. Please provide color emoji for supported devices. And hope you will resolve the issue with Instagram.

    • 1st

      Color Emoji is only for android 4.4 so u arent a supported device. Emoji is only supported in Android 4.1 and later. Jelly Bean users get black and white, while Kit Kat users (aka moi) get color. Jelly Bean is 4.1-4.3, Kit Kat is 4.4+ so far. So it’s not the SwiftKey team’s fault. Blame your phone’s company for not updating.

      • Ricky

        There is nothing to blame my Phone Company. They are already providing color emoji with default keyboard.

        Current Kitkat user in world is less than 2%. And most of the swiftkey user is JellyBean. You are targeting wrong group.

        I think you can Map color icon/emoji to JellyBean font or provide the option for color emoji “without Emoji Prediction” to JellyBean user. But you can not ignore all JellyBean user.

        Thank You

        • 1st

          What I’m saying is in the android operating system, color emoji is only supported in 4.4 kit Kat. Swiftkey can NOT, give color emoji to jelly Bea users because IT’S not supported and would only appear black and white for you anyway. Also I’m not part of the Swift key team lol. They can prob make the emojis in the keyboard in color but when you type it would still be black and white. So either update or stay with the black and white emojis.

          • Ricky

            That’s what I am saying. Provide color Emoji on Keyboard. If handset is not supported, then respective application result will be black & white emoji. But it should be color emoji on keyboard, Whether result is color or black.


          • 1st

            Well I don’t know much about the process used to insert emoji but Im pretty sure the icons will be black and white unless your phone has a certain string of Unicode that is only in 4.4 that enables color. Maybe they could manually draw the emojis but emojis are just strings of Unicode and they react differently. They’re not pictures. The icons come from within the device storage.

  • Dutro

    My HTC One just crashed completely as I was typing in Hangouts. Since that’s never happened before and I just got the new beta… When will the emoji be in the stable build? Crashing Sense is just not going to work for me!

  • Jonas

    Please remove Ice Theme. Christmas is over please remove Ice Theme. It eats up memory even though I am not using this crazy looking theme.

    • Jonas

      Make a theme that has neutral color like white keyboard keys with gray background. Make it rectangle keys like holo or like cobalt.

  • Belal Alex


  • Belal Alex

    Goood like swiftkey

  • Cristian Pana

    1. Install ucweb browser, go in settings and activate typing assistant.
    After that try to write anywhere (but not in url). You will see EDIT
    LONG TEXT and CLIPBOARD menus that will apear when you type (very useful for fast writing, if you add) 2. By the way, THUMB keyboard it the most complex keyboard on market, good ui tools.

  • me0wth

    There is no way to insert an emoji in instagram’s comments because Enter button (long press on which switches to emoji mode) automatically turns into Post button and posts the comment. Is there a way to fix it somehow? Maybe use a different button for Emoji or let a user asign it???

  • Kemuel Edmond

    The emoji should be colored due to the fact that Android is updated to have colored emoji. I understand not everyone will get KitKat or has a Samsung device, but it would still be a better choice. And also, y’all should add the gay and lesbian emoji. Again, I know Jellybean doesn’t support them, but KitKat does.
    But GREAT job thus far! I had switched from SwiftKey because there was was no emoji support. Now I’m back!

  • Łukasz Kurzyniec

    There should be option to totally disable emoji icons, because I’m not in favour of it.

  • Nicolas

    Mas autocorrexiones

  • Leonardo Müller

    I cant insert emojis on Instagram comments with any version of SwiftKey. Will It ever be possible?

  • Tyler Cohn

    Could we try to make the emojis in color, it’s hard to tell what these emojis are in my eyes and color just looks better in my opinion. Similar to kikkat emoji keyboard in the play store

  • Anch

    Anybody else having trouble with the download? My S3 says I don’t have enough memory to download even though I was able to download the previous beta.

  • Lukas

    How to flow through shift key?

  • Stevie Hayashida


  • Igor Sousa

    I can not use the Emoji into Instagram comments, because the Emoji are associated with the “Enter” key, but there is no “Enter” when we comment on a photo, there is only a “Letter” key. This issue will be solved? Would be very appreciated if we could use Emoji into Instagram comments.

    Sorry the bad english, is not my native language.

  • geoff

    on my xperia z1 4.3 emoji are black? no colors…
    it’s normal?

  • John

    One feature Swiftkey needs is an option to DISABLE CHARACTER PREVIEW. It becomes distracting sometimes.

  • Ryan

    Why do my texts to other devices (iPhone & HTC one) appear as ??????????????

  • Scott Unverzagt

    Tiny bit of lag on the emoji screens while scrolling on my nexus 5.

  • MellFriezk_48

    I love this keyboard

  • Gwen

    The nunber row is fantastic..unless you accidentally hit one whilst typing a word. Could it be more intuitive so it knows I’m trying to write ‘write’ not ‘w4i5e’?
    My fast fingers slip over numbers frequently and prediction is useless once a number is included in a word.

  • Phaze0085

    Im confused, is Swiftkey 4.4.2 the stable version of this beta?

  • Mick Collingwood

    How can’t I see any posts in the vip forum?

  • Dawson

    How come the emojis arent in color?

    • 1st

      Because u do not have Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Only kit kat has color icons. Black and white is jelly bean. Nothing b4 jelly bean supports emoji.

  • Guest

    On my Moto X, the emoji are enormous and the lower row is almost obscured. The first beta had no such issues.

  • Alexander Dorokhine

    On my Moto X, the emoji are enormous and the lower row is almost obscured. The first beta had no such issues.

  • Kdmw

    I like the ice theme alot. I will probably use throughout the year coz I love snow. I really hope it’s a keeper or made an optional add on for those who are apposed to it.

  • Nanananana~

    clipboard and redo/undo button… and ofcourse themes!! <3

  • Martin Jørgensen


    I love this keyboard, and I will properly never try an other keyboard again

    • chosen_one1

      Because u do not have Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Only kit kat has color icons. Black and white is jelly bean. Nothing b4 jelly bean supports emoji.

      • Martin Jørgensen

        But why are the emoji’s on Kii and on the native keyboard and in handcent in colors then???

  • erin davitt

    Sorry if this was covered already but will it’s users be able to see the emoji?

    • erin davitt

      I mean ios users

  • Ricky

    Moving to other keyboard…..sorry don’t want to be with Black&White “Emoji” !!!!

    Thank You.

  • Abhinav Singh

    Emojis are’t visible on stock 4.1 samsung touchwizz only boxes are displayed

  • Bax

    More themes and colorful emojis and less memory and quicker responses because its sometimes slow :(

  • K Bell

    The emjois are awesome, as I was using a separate keyboard for those. Also the numbers on top are great… The only thing lacking is the option to personalize themes, which it looks like everyone else wants to. Thanks for working hard to make SwiftKey the best keyboard yet!

  • Nicole

    Love the keyboard and the number row but please add a swipe to delete when on flow to

  • Cheryl Case

    Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. I’ve installed the beta and all I have are squares where emoji should be … Previous version (paid) had some before


    I love this keyboard with the emojis on my nexus 5. But you should add a recent emojis slot

  • Ryan Joanis

    I just downloaded the most recent Swiftkey Beta and it will now allow me to use flow even though it is selected. Also no prediction bar is available. Is this an error with the download?

  • carhauler1969

    Got so used to the 5th row on the Samsung version with my Note 2 that I just can’t live without it on my Nexus 5.

  • Jonas

    I have an suggestion. You can make an iOS7 Emoji pack download pack for non-jellybean & jellybean users.

  • ismail
  • Isabella

    I have a LG Optimus G and I’m loving SwiftKey! But emojis are not showing up in my device. I hope you can fix this. Thank you. Xxx

  • Dana

    It would be great if I can access emoji in Instagram comment section or any other comment section that has custom enter button which replaces default enter button with emoji access.

  • Guest

    I have a galaxy s4 and i installed the beta and everything went great except for that when I press the emoji button all it shows is squares and no emojis :( can someone help me please!!

  • CashisKingNYC

    Emojis not working for me. While on emoji keyboard screen its blank. But if I hit any blank space on the screen the corresponding emoji would appear on the typing field. Wierd!!!!

  • Tom

    I have the paid pro version and beta version but when using the beta im not getting any suggestions

  • 愛しい

    Japanese support? I have been using swiftkey for years and still am asking for Japanese support. And I am not the only one. It’s a real pain in the ass to have to switch keyboards just to change languages. I have been told many times that you guys are working on it but sorry it does not take a years to add a language. Need to focus less on emoji support (which is Japanese ironically) and add this language.

  • Tabitha Lange

    Would you please have it to where I can use my S pen with this keyboard? I love SwiftKey so much and I would like like to be able to use it all the time.

    • Martin Jørgensen

      works fine with the S-pen on my Note3 :-)

    • Tabitha Lange

      I mean so I can use the handwriting instead of the keyboard. It detects detects my pen in place of my finger. But won’t switch to handwriting.

  • caro

    je n’ai aucune prediction….dommage, sinon emoticons parfaits…

  • Ildefonso Sanz

    Where is Emoji for Instagram?

  • Aaron Scott

    I too would like more themes,maybe use themes from other keyboards.

  • Margena

    Why does my phone warn me that this type of file can harm my device?

    • Syn Svart

      Because it’s not from Play Store and it could read sensitive data, eg. credit card numbers. Like every other keyboard.

  • Monica

    Hi SwiftKey team, Thank you for making an excellent product that’s very reasonably priced. Much appreciation to you!
    I do have several minor issues as follows;

    1 – It is very important to me that I have access to options… Will you Please, please, please add more themes. I may be a little too eager (in the sense of time allowance), but I’ve made this request this in my Google Play Store review of SwiftKey, to no avail. Even with the currently offered selection of themes, I can hardly believe there’s not a single Pink theme. Perhaps this should be outsourced to independent graphic artists? I don’t know, but we need something done.
    Also regarding themes, it’s important enough to me to have variety until even though I’d already purchased & amp enjoyed using SwiftKey, I had to uninstall once due to the high amount of space that you require, but since I don’t care for my stock keyboard (especially after using SwiftKey lol!) I decided to installed & try Go Keyboard because it’s much lighter on the space required & amp Go has an almost unlimited number of themes to chose from. **this section references 2 issues RAM & Themes.
    Needless to say, I I eventually Uninstalled Go keyboard, simply because Go Cannot touch the smooth effectiveness of SwiftKey (((*^.^)) so you def get BigUps from me on that!!

    Moving right along regarding the keyboard –
    2 – I use Samsung GS4, and one nice feature on the stock keyboard is that the number keys displayed on the front (main) screen for faster access – as opposed to having to long press, and or go to an alternate menu. Please update SwiftKey with this feature.

    3 – When I use the “&” the abbreviation of the word (“amp”) appears next to it. Also although I use Flow, when I tap the space bar after a period a random commonly used word appears (e.g. I, Thanks, Do, care, etc… If I’m not careful to recheck & delete this each time, it looks ridiculous to have messages/sent email, & other dialogue with the abbreviation “amp” or random words in my text.
    If this a settings issue that I may resolve, please advise.

    4 – Finally, I’ve checked & might have missed this, but will you please install a ‘hide keyboard’ option that can be used instead of having to use my back arrow key in text fields?? I’ve pressed my back key one too many times before, only to lose my text. If the option is there please advise so that I may access it. If not please add, as this would certainly be a lovely addition.

    Lastly, this is my first time visiting your site, and see an offer to download beta… Well I can only download via Google Play Store, so if this is an option from play store and I’m happy to try it.

  • Trey Ousterhout

    It won’t let me sign on to twitter to get the personalization it would also be nice if the emojis were colored and not just black and white along with a recently used emojis tab. Other then that can’t wait to see it in the paid version :)

    • Syn Svart

      Color depends on which android version you use. Colored emoji font was introduced with Kitkat. No chance to get it colored with 4.3 or older.

  • Jenni Van Deyk

    This may sound silly but for some reason I no longer have auto prediction appearing! I have looked through every setting i can find. Where am I going wrong? And also the double tap of the space bar is no longer entering a period for me despite the option being checked .

  • Abdulaziz Al-Sulaiti

    I stopped using Swiftkey lately, because there’s no support for Emoji! :( I hope you can add it to the stable version and I’ll be glad to return to my purchased swiftkey app again. I hope you add the option of having a tab for emojis just like the Google keyboard on Kitkat

  • Brian Dentice

    Still haven’t resolved the Enter key default as carriage return. In the latest beta, checking the Settings > Theme & Layout > Enter Key option makes it Send by default. Sigh… can I get refund?

  • NoneOfYourBizzness

    So the beta installs separately from the stable version? It doesn’t install on top of it?

    • NoneOfYourBizzness


  • Joshua Curey

    You should make the emoji categories more colorful and when will these be available for the full version?

  • Simon Jackson

    really love swiftkey! only thing that it could improve now is being able to use the emoji across all apps smoothly :) please implement!

  • Jamie

    Not able to change language to uk. Keeps saying failed :/

  • t maz

    Just installed the beta on an s4 running Android 4.3
    Unable to receive mms message. Text came through but no photo. Gave a message in 3 different languages telling me it was unable.

  • ♔Yung King

    Would love a customizable theme where the user chooses everything from the
    key color letter color background color secondary color for shift key backspace etc. And the choice of up to 2 colors when swiping

  • Audrey Gonzalez

    Update not working. Tried numerous times and it is only showing me expired keyboard. No text predictions and no flow

  • PowerFluffy

    Hade verkligen inte haft något emot att få svar bakgrund istället på emojisarna över vit som nu.

  • Nicolas

    Predictive text won’t work for me

  • Atb

    My beta version expired :( it told me to click to download latest version but it just kept timing out.. I just got the beta version a few days ago but I’ve been using a paid version of SwiftKey for a couple years but I LOVED this beta version

  • Leen Poldervaart

    Todays update do not work. It ends today it saus. I am using A HTC One

  • Alfie Rob Marshall

    Why no predictions any more since update? Can’t get prediction bar at all?

  • Blake

    I’d like to see colored emoji’s within this keyboard on android 4.3. The stock samsung keyboard provides colored emoji icons. I don’t see why swiftkey can’t? This beautiful 1080p vibrant color screen…and I’m stuck with black/white icons…

  • Tracy

    I have the full version, which i love, but downloaded the beta for the emoticons. Now on the beta the predictor (and flow) don’t work. I looked at all the settings, but can’t find anything that looks wrong….any ideas?

  • Ollie

    Why does a SMS get converted to a MMS when you add emoji ? It should still get sent as a text message.

  • davelamorte

    on my THL W8s stock rom (android 4.2.1, 2G ram), the previous beta (and also the one before that) was fantastic, but with the last one it’s almost unusable: 2-3 seconds every time I need the keyboard to open up, and often it doesn’t read my swiping. I wish I could go back… please fix!

  • Samuel Aguilera

    Latest beta (and previous one) tooks sometimes a second or more to show the keyboard after tapping in a text box (i.e. Google Search, WhatsApp). Tested in Samsung Galaxy S4, Nexus 7 and Moto G. If I go back to stable pro from Google Play, the lag dissapears.

  • Lyle

    Attempting to install on my note3 but install button does nothing…iv checked security settings and allowed outside apps to be installed. What is going wrong. Love swiftkey but need the number bar like the stock keybord

  • Fiverocker

    Damn, all Betas expired and I got two Swiftkey Updates during the last few days and NONE of them featured the new gimmics like number row … when are these awesome features goign to be integrated into the standard PAID app?

  • Jonny Bulseco

    Please add the option to disable the prediction.

  • violet1551

    I just installed beta and the predictive text bar no longer shows nor corrects my words and theres no swype funtion. Did I install wrong or something? Im glad I have emoji but its not worth it if nothing else works.

  • Melody

    We used to be able to jump to the next line by long- pressing the bottom right button, however, because now its the emoji button, i’m unable to do so, please help!

  • Wallace Baez Portilla

    I love the keyboard but take to long to appear in my s4 with kitkat, I change to ai type is faster

  • Neo

    i got problems with “ä” “ö” “ü”, cant use them, Swiftkey Beta closed after aktivate it in optioons. (Galaxy Tab 3 with Android 4.2 )

  • Orcid

    After the update the beta doesn’t work in my experience z Android 4.3. The text bar that predicts words is gone and swipe doesn’t work at all. Ticked and unticked the boxes in advanced and swipe- nothing!
    Reinstalled beta twice but it still doesn’t work. Had to go back to the original SwiftKey.

  • Kdmw

    I am annoyed that the next word suggestion bar is gone

  • David White

    The beta is better than the paid version. Please can I have a dedicated number row on the paid version?!

  • Victor Kyalo

    a nice one but in beta mode, i believe you guys can do more.
    the number row needs to be a little bit apart from the keys and a little bit bigger than that.
    also there needs to be a keyboard alt option for the question mark
    that is me speaking about what i can gladly part for 3pounds

  • Maars
  • Jackie

    Can iPhone users see the swiftkey emojis?

  • Kasr

    My swiftkey not update tell me whay plees

  • J.E Bechtold

    Ugh, put the “send” button back on the input screen when txting in landscape mode on an HTC One? Hundreds of brand detractors complaining for months and not a peep from you guys… Don’t you know it’s the age of customer-centric business thanks to the power of social networks? Give a single developer one solid day and FIX THIS! please

  • Gerald fuller

    I like the beta version but it is very difficult for me to keep having to reload it, as I first must find a VPN that works in china. I have the paid for version but when the beta expires I just use the default keyboard on my Note3. As I hate using a keyboard without number keys.

    Please make it purminate with updates in Google Play.
    Gerald Fuller

  • missysaunders

    I have the full paid version of swiftkey and the beta. I love the beta because of the emoji and love the full because of thr predctions. But why cant i have both?? They work individually but not together?? Once my trial version ended i upgraded! What do i need to do??

  • Wattblicker

    More themes. SwiftKey Keyboard is the most precise of all but the designs are cruel.

  • Orcid

    After going back to old swiftkey (not beta) my xperia z starts to be weird.
    The display turning itself upside down and sideways like that everytime Im going to write.
    Tested my mobilehone and it’s not broken. Swiftkey stops,thinks,freezes even the homebutton doesn’t work (had to take a screenwriter then it disappeared) .
    After it stops to think (and turned the display upside down and sideways quite many times) it also sometimes moves the marker up a row or two and writes what I wrote before it stoped there instead. Very frustrating. And getting it back is a “challenge “.
    I did reinstall a few times but now I’ve got rid of it and using the keyboard that comes with the phone. It’s crappy but do work.

    I still believe it was the beta that fucked it all up.

  • tenlegdragon

    I just downloaded the new beta. For my galaxy tab 3 cause I wanted the Evernote link plus the emoji, but I can’t get any emoji because all the tabs except the punctuation tab is blank and worse than that there is an epic monstrous lag. The line is thick and fractured and super slow. *frowny face*

    Plus, I’m not too sure about the prediction thing because I text ‘frowny face’ a lot and twice now, nothing pops up.

  • Ruperto

    The beta version it’s no working on my Samsung Galaxy s5 it close automatic

  • Marilynne Allenstein

    The majority of my emojis just show as boxes, sending or receiving. My daughter took a screenshot of the blk n wht ones I sent her cuz they came to her in full color, completely different & better graphics. She has iPhone, I gave Galaxy SII. All I see are squares on texts I send or receive, & yet here on this comment area, if I hit any square I can see the actual full color graphics.
    Why don’t they show up as they are right here?

  • Ati

    I want my numbers showing up like à phone pad lime they did before.Thiis is always more intuitive on a phone. Numbers âre already across in a row by holding thé top row down for whatever number youi want. There is no option if I press à number to get thé same format of numbets just bigger and brighter.

  • Lia Cecala

    How do I make texts look a different color than the person I am texting?

  • swt acacia

    I have samsung galaxy s4 4.4.2 but still emojis donot appear..why??please help