New update for SwiftKey emoji beta out today

February 11, 2014

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Hi everyone,
We have a new update for the beta with emoji support and optional number row for you today in response to your feedback.


We’ve listened to your comments in the VIP forum and added a range of changes and fixes, including issues many testers reported with posting emoji on Instagram. We’ve also added a “recently used” emoji tab to enable you to quickly revisit your favorite icons.

We hope you enjoy the latest update, thank you to everyone who is testing out this beta, we’re grateful for your feedback and suggestions. Keep sharing your ideas and issues in the VIP forum – it’s free and quick to join.

Kind regards,

Evan and the SwiftKey Team


  • Addition of a “recently used” emoji tab to display previously chosen icons
  • Smart emoji layout now adapts to the amount of space on the screen
  • Twitter personalization updated after Twitter updated its API
  • Missing emoji from first emoji tab now reinstated
  • Fixed some force closes

Bug fixes:

  • Dark theme reinstated
  • Always have emoji at least as secondary on IMEGoKey (eg allows you to insert emoji in Instagram)
  • Interim menu not being dismissed after locking/unlocking the screen
  • Enabling split landscape numpad in 7″ devices
  • Updates to Kannada and Malayalam languages from user feedback
  • Fixed odd number row issue in Azerty Nederland keyboard layout
  • Added conjunt consonants to six Indic layouts (Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada and Telugu)
  • Improved behaviour on web fields in KitKat
  • Missing ѝ in Bulgarian layouts
  • Layout improvements in all languages (number row duplicates, new characters, etc)
  • Notifying the user if a download fails due to insufficient storage
  • Changed to on the @ key in “To” email fields

Known issues:

  • It is still not always possible to insert a new line in some apps.
  • Nightmare

    again, qrcode to download

  • Krishna Prajapati

    Beta crashing after this update. Nexus 4, 4.4.2 kitkat, ART

  • max Clyde

    Please add a clipboard feature to allow us to copy and paste multiple pieces of text at once.

  • Daniel Jansson

    How about some actually good looking themes if you are listening to feedback? None of the existing ones looks good enough. Far from it actually.

    • Guest

      +1 !

      • Guest

        I would be great to just modify the colors on your own. Things like: text color, key color, key frame color, background color or image, key pressed glow color, different colors per key groups and or rows.

        Thats not too complicated but gives you a lot of freedom in customizing your keyboard.

    • Nasir Uddin

      +1 to this!!

    • Andre Hollins

      Exactly. I’ve never understood the limited number of themes when there are literally thousands of good colour combinations that would look great and be easy on the eyes at the same time.

    • blurps

      I would be great to just modify the colors on your own.

      Things like: text color, key color, key frame color, background color or image, key pressed glow color, different colors per key groups and or rows.

      Thats not too complicated but gives you a lot of freedom in customizing your keyboards appearance.

      • Daniel Jansson

        Agreed. That’s the best choice actually in my opinion and would make everyone happy.

    • Saegiru

      Seriously, THEMES. Good ones! Google Stock themes for starters, allow people to make themes secondarily! You know this is one of the top requests, ALWAYS, so implement it!

    • ntrophy

      I’m using the Dark theme. I think it looks good enough. But yeah, it’s pretty much the only decent one among all of them.

  • Thais

    Not able to see the recent emoji tab….

  • quinte

    When will we get custom macros?? like @@ = or brb = Be Right Back.

    You told us to be waiting in 2011 ! :(

  • Heal Bot

    loveeee it

  • xnadax

    I much prefer having the emojis separated into pages like the standard Android keyboard has. That way, I can learn that emoji X is on page Y in position Z, which is much faster to navigate to, compared to scrolling in a list.

    • laddibugg

      That’s a good point!

    • angelycam

      I second that. At this stage, it freezes when you scroll. Seperate them as standard Android keyboard does. Thanks!!

    • Lalit Mali

      I find vertical scroll way better than horizontal.
      WhatsApp and swiftkey habits

      • xnadax

        It doesn’t really matter to me if it’s vertical or horizontal, as long as it is separated into pages.

  • blurps

    Where are the layout updates? Numbers still don’t have the normal special characters the regular PC keyboards do.

    @ is still on a not on q, also in the German layout ä ü and ö should be the primary characters on a u and o.

    And the € symbol belongs on e not x.

    • blurps

      I get that without a number row you need to place numbers and special characters somewhere and mess up the layout people are used from the big hardware keyboards.

      But swift has a number row and should mimic the original keyboards as close as possible if activated.

      I always pause when i’m looking for @ € % ” or whatever characters that are no where i would expect them.

      Btw. the German number special characters are:
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
      ! ” § $ % & / ( ) =

  • Okay Dean

    Have updated to latest version overnight and now predictive tect isn’t displayed or an option.

    nexus 5, 4.4.2

    • ♔Yung King

      Have the same problem also auto correct and swyping lost out of no where re downloaded and still isnt there

      • Kam

        Check my post above.

    • Kam

      Same issue with the galaxy s4. No autocorrect, suggestions, or anything.

      Update: delete your previous version from your phone under the application tab. Then download the latest update.

      Everything should work fine after that. I gotta say it’s faster than before. Thanks SK!

      • Rashawn31

        Uninstall the old beta, then install the new beta.

      • angelycam

        Thanks, next time I’ll read b4 I comment!

    • abqnm

      This is ridiculous. Why can’t we get proper notifications that the beta version is expired? Only when I had no predictions all morning and cleared app data and tried to set it up again did it tell me that the beta has expired.

      We can get spammed with how many keystrokes we saved, but not a notification that we need to download the new beta if we want it to continue working… FAIL, SwiftKey, FAIL.

    • Guest

      This is a must…we need predictive text. Please fix asap!!

  • GodSponge

    Can’t seem to access the site from mobile browser. I keep getting a database error message.

  • ♔Yung King

    I lost my predictive text, auto correct, and swyping. Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

    • Judy Extross

      I had the same problem. So I reinstalled beta. Working fine now

  • suzidownunder

    Hi can you fix the problem with the options for ‘to,two and too’ every time i type ‘too’ swiftkey is not learning it and i have to add another ‘o’ :)

    • Michael Wolfe

      Same with Ben & been.

  • Chints

    I am using the paid version from the Play Store. If I install the beta, what happens to the previous learnings? Also, one the beta expires and we go back to the Store version, can the learnings in the beta move there too?

    • Kam

      Previous learning hasn’t been retain from the paid to the beta in my experience. As for vice versa, Ive never gone back to the paid version since the beta release. I doubt it would xfer to the paid version.

      • Alberto

        I use the cloud to back up my words

        • Kam


  • Nyght

    How about an update that actually installs? I tried downloading it directly to the phone: nothing. I tried downloading it to my console and emailing it to my phone: Nothing. It gets to the install screen and will not install. Advice?

    • lurkee

      same here – i get to ” Next” then when I hit “install” nothing

  • Jesica

    Please add more skins.. Would be great to have an iphone like theme!

  • Zane Mikel

    Where is my Muslim emoji

  • Syikho

    For those having issues with predictive text uninstall the old version then reinstall that’s how I fixed mine.

  • lsmiaka

    Galaxy Note 3 w/4.3 I can download and open the apk, but am unable to hit the install button. I can go back and forth between new and old permissions and hit cancel, but the install button doesn’t work. Please fix it! Thanks!

  • Joshua Curey

    Where’s the emoji update for the paid version,?!

    • Shaun Ellis


    • Mauricio Irastorza Campos

      Still waiting….

  • Joshua Curey

    I wish the emoji sections were a bit more colorful. Maybe make them match somewhat with what theme youre using?

  • Kannan

    Cannot find Malayalam in available languages. In bug fixes you say you have made updates to Malayalam language. How can I enable Malayalam?

  • Varazir

    When I have select English in the keyboard / language I keep getting words from Swedish when I swipe. Same the other way around.

    • Alberto

      Type something on both language then delete one of the language and add it back again it will start working like normal

      • Varazir

        Not sure how you think, typed hello hej then removed Swedish. It still find Swedish words.

        • Alberto

          type hello for example then go to swiftkey setting delete the second language you added, go back type hello then back add the second language it should work it always happen to me

          • Varazir

            didn’t work

  • Tamer Assal

    i cant use emoji in instagram

    • Alberto

      Uninstall and reinstall the beta it will start working

  • Rashawn31

    Thanks for getting emojis working on Instagram.

  • Sarah Enander

    Ive been wsiting for a good Red theme, maybe Red and White, but not that Horrid Red obe they have in the themes section

  • Nathan Krebs

    please fix this emoji. It is pretty popular, at least with my friends. it looks like this for iOS. Yours looks COMPLETELY different. like a sleepy, blushing, happy/content kind of look

    • Alberto

      The phone control the emoji look not the keyboard

  • Ben Adelie

    Still cannot insert a new line in Hangouts. In the market version the return key on the emoji page would insert a new line.

  • Paul tate

    Sent a lot of mms last month. Cost 20p to send an emoji. Not good. Never used to be charged with my iPhone emoji. :(

    • Alberto

      Is your carrier the charge call them. SwiftKey keyboard does not charge for using them

      • Paul tate

        It is the same carrier that I had my iPhone with and they cost nothing then. They appear on the bill as a long message but I only sent 1 emoji.

  • wialno28

    Major fail. Won’t install and I lost the previous version.

  • Abrąhąm Spring

    Why emoji are black and white in my screen and different with picture you put up here?

  • rider8

    To be honest for all those complaining about themes; I’d rather just get the performance up. I view themes as more resource hogging. I remember Swiiftkey X having pretty much just TWO themes, and the thing FLEW. After Swiftkey 3 came out, it started getting more bogged down and slower with all these themes. Performance first fo rme. I don’t think i have SLOW devices; they’re not brand new and top of the line – a Nexus 4 and a Note 2 – but shouldn’t have performance issues with a keyboard.

    So SwiftKey, please focus on performance and then obviously on themes. They are important.

    • David Metcalfe

      I hadn’t considered themes as a possible performance hit. Quite possible.

      For myself, the issues are almost exclusively related to Emoji. Especially with the recent updates, opening up the recently used, or general Emoji panes suffers dropped frames and a locked up app while waiting.

      • rider8

        To be fair, emojis are quite a recent addition and are appropriately in beta.

        • David Metcalfe

          True, they’re a young addition, but that’s why we have an APK as linked above for beta testing. ‘Spose I should have clarified that I was talking about is the production version, where there’s little excuse.

  • BryanGB

    Updated to the new beta this morning and now the £ pound key doesn’t work. €¥¢ next to it are all fine, as are the keys in the same place as £ on other screens. I had to switch to the AOSP keyboard to be able to type the £s in this message!

  • amit

    I am having an issue on my Sprint Galaxy Note 2. Since the yesterday i am not getting any predictive text anymore. Running android 4.3 for a few weeks now. Have the beta 4.5

  • MellFriezk_48

    How about memory, when insert emoji its take lot of RAM.

  • Stephen Frame

    I wish I could send messages by tapping the Enter key. It was in a previous version but was removed. I would really like to have the option again.

  • Shannon Solomon

    There is a slight pause that is plaguing this keyboard everytime I send a message in whatsapp and I want to send another one immediately after there is Atleast a 1.5s pause between the keyboard going from lower case to upper case again and for the name SwiftKey I’m really not feeling swift when I’m waiting on the keyboard.

    Please get rid of this lag/issue/pause whatever it is.

  • tunhuk66

    With the newest beta, I get TWO emojis every time I select one. Nexus 7 with Kitkat. On my GNexus with JB 4.3 it works at it should though

  • Dagmar Sporck

    according to my battery stats (Battery Doctor) SwiftKey Beta is responsible for over 30% of my HTC One’s consumption

  • Graham

    My phone won’t download the new update – just says “download unsuccessful” – I already uninstalled an reinstalled the latest beta version and then tried to download this update – I have Samsung Galaxy S3 – currently don’t have any predictions, which is very annoying – any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Dave

    Very pleased with it. Would be nice to have coloured normal emoticons on my s4

  • Guest

    is anyone else having an issue where their predictions went away? like when I type, there is nothing to change a incorrectly spelled word?! thanks :)

  • lurkee

    I cannot install the update on my Samsung Galaxy S4. When I get the button to change from “next” to “Install”, I press install and nothing happens. Is there anyway to force install this another way?
    ***update*** – it was due to the other app”Twilight”. turning it off let me install.

  • Ricardo

    Will be awesome to have prediction words font less ligger like Google keyboard.
    Other thing is have “!” and “?” in secondary symbols instead “(” and “)” symbols and black emoji background.

  • Stephen Edwards

    What a bunch of wingers you are and what part of Beta do you not understand, for heaven sake it’s free and you are the testers for the builders, you should be thankful to the makers for allowing you to take part in the program without the negativity, it’s the fixing of the bugs that is more important, not the colour of the text and I think theprogram is great, just needs a few more tweeks to make it perfect…. Lol

  • Matth2w

    I dl the new beta and the keyboard is very sluggish. It just outright froze now.

  • MellFriezk_48

    It’s take a lot of memory RAM

  • Zowee M.

    I love the emojis, but the prediction bar won’t show up at all in any apps! I tried restarting my phone & searched the internet, but nothing worked! Please help/fix. BTW: I have A Samsung Galaxy S3

  • Lyria Taylor

    I love SwiftKey. However, I do have an issue with having to install my language pack everytime I restart my phone which is very annoying. Also it would be great to have some more themes with animations or the option to customize our own theme would be excellent!

  • Marcus

    Wow. Whatever update you did for speed in the last beta was totally thrown out the window on this one. It’s disgustingly slow to open up, and while the emojis scroll is not worse than before, it’s still terribly slow. – I’m on a Galaxy 4

    • Jan Solar

      Same experience on my galaxy s4

  • JackMeov

    How about better predictive capability based on message recipient, so emoticons used with your significant other aren’t appearing as suggestions for your co-workers, etc.

    It’s creepy.

  • Dorit

    Why I see my emoji in black?

    • StrictlyGeeky

      I think you need to be running Kitkat which supports emojis natively.

  • Ray efx

    when you release final version 4.5?, Greetings

  • Karolis Daukša

    Enter don’t work with Google Hangouts. It sends message instead of going to next line :((
    Nexus4, v4.4 stock

  • Juan Rovira

    In the tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, emoji does not work. Are missing.
    Is it because of the screen resolution? Or is this keyboard not designed for tablets?

  • amy

    Definitely noticing a slowness when the keyboard opens that wasn’t present on the previous beta versions.

  • Akash Kaneria

    there is no color on my emoji just black and white

  • Wassim Taher

    Guys please add Flow over the numbers row. Let us Flow a word which contains numbers in it. Example: 20th century.

  • ismail

    On my galaxy tab 2, when I insert one emoji and show 2 emoji please fix this :)

  • Herberth

    Is very slooooooow

  • William

    Could you possibly half the smallest size keboard?
    It’s really the absolute maximum size for me.

  • Frank Loveras

    Nice!, finally the row with the numbers

  • Dolrell Knight

    More simplistic themes. Kinda like ios 7. Other than that it’s perfect.

  • Michael

    Nexus5, Android 4.4.2, App installation hangs on (german locale) “Wird installiert…” (like “Installing…”). Options of Installation of Non-Market Apps is on, also deleted mt old, full version of Swiftkey before. Tried several times now. Suggestions?

    • Michael

      Resolved by canceling the installation, and _without uninstalling the “half-installed” app_ (which i did the times i tried it before), trying to install again. it asks wether i wanted to “update”, i clicked yes and then the installation finished immediatly. strange!

  • roberthenderson

    Quite often when I try to edit a comment on a site (usually through discus), I will place the cursor in one position, start typing and in the middle of of the word the cursor will jump back to the beginning of the post where the last part of the the word I was typing gets inserted into the first word. Needless to say, it’s very frustrating. On s related note, sometimes when I’m editing, the will refuse to be moved anywhere but the beginning of the Post. Galaxy Note 3 rooted.

  • Søren Brieghel

    All My emoji is Black, until they Are postet. Why is That?

  • Robert-Michael Roa

    The emojis on my keyboard are all black and white as opposed to colorful. Is that because of the keyboard or my phone?

  • Jonas

    Uninstall Ice Theme and make a new theme with different color scheme!

  • Brandon Lee Connor

    How about you let us change the colour ourself? Like we can do with our Windows Theme on the computer.

    That’d be great!

    Or how about User made themes? And people can even sell their own Themes, etc.

  • Deelan L

    Must admit that i’m a fan of swiftkey, it’s great to see that you’ve incorporated emojis now :D

  • Juanis Torruellas

    When are you guys including this in the paid version

  • Padraig Sheehan

    Anyone know why you have to hold enter key for emojis on s4 min gt-i9195 even if long press option is unticked? work for viber but not sms, thanks

  • Darrell Drail

    Anyone have a problem with no color on the emoticons. Mine are all black and white.

  • Marcus

    I’ve had major issues with Twitter crashing lately. It started about the same time as this update and only when I’m writing new tweets which makes me suspect that SwiftKey is actually the culprit for this. It happens mostly when moving the cursor back and edit the text.
    Anyone else experienced similar problems?

  • Ohana

    Can’t see the emojis on my keyboard! I press they emoji key and no emoji shows up! help!

  • Felix Lehmann

    When will end the Beta-Stadium? The app works perfectly on my N5 :)

  • Anshuman Goyal

    I am a pro user. I want that the themes should be revamped. The spaces between keys is very less which makes typing a little bit difficult. If there is a change in keyboard layout i dont think there is any app which can be better than swiftkey.

  • MellFriezk_48

    It’s take a lot of RAM …please fix it

  • Charity Chamberlain

    Is the Swiftkey Emoji Beta only for certain phones and devices? I have 4 different brands of tablets and 8 different types of cell phones but this is not working on any of them. Also having trouble with the Swiftkey Keyboard working properly on the Samsung Galaxy Mega. Is there another way to report issues because when I try to email I get a general response which I have followed the instructions but this issue still has not been fixed in 5 months of my reporting it. It sure would be nice to use the keyboard I paid for.

  • Shaun Ellis

    I’m sure the beta version is a tester phase but we are talking about emoticons that every keyboard, except SwiftKey, had an extended emoji package. Not only is it taking an extended period of time, but your paying customers continue to be without! I’ve read through the update and unless I completely missed something, there is no date expected for your paying customers to have this feature. Please consider an expeditious release for your customers who are faithful to your product. I’ve tried to switch, specifically for a separate emoji platform, but I love the other features your product offers. Please release the emoji Keyboard soon

  • Tommy Haugnes Gammelsæter

    Using the default Sony sms handler on my Xperia Z1 Swiftkey doesn’t move the text box where i am supposed to type sms above keyboard. Instead Swiftkey settles on top of it and some of the previous sms sendt.

  • Zeeevil

    I’m not sold to be using swiftkey beta just for emoji when I already bought the paid version.

  • Samantha Gobert

    People love to complain. Take in the feedback and implement changes as you see fit, but know this: you are the best damn keyboard ever!

  • Tom Foolery

    Umm i have this beta 4.5 and it keeps telling me its out out of date then sends me here to update. Wouldnt mind but flow doesnt work so very frustrated. Uninstalling

  • Armaan Jadhav

    SwiftKey has became very slow….
    Especially when we try to open Emojis

  • Fandy


  • Alejandra Orjuela.

    El teclado SwiftKey es maravilloso, aún sin emoji decidí esperar a sus actualizaciones para poderlos usar en instagram.
    Me gustaría insertaran en el teclado los emoji para que funcione rápido y sea perfecto!

  • 34543353454

    I’m probably wasting my time asking this here, dont think they care. But how about fixing the beta version to where it doesn’t lag anymore?? It takes forever for the keyboard to load, and it seems that almost every word lags or is choppy and the emoji’s are awful looking. All I read is how “wonderful” swiftkey is, and that they’ve reached a million people but how about those of us that have the PAID version and hate what its become??? I think nothing will come out of this. I’ve uninstalled them both and now have another completely different keyboard. Last time anyone gets money from me for an app.

    (Galaxy S3)

  • Platon Leftakis

    Can you make the emojis look like iPhone emojis

  • Marty Rose

    The latest update is really slow to pop up on my Note 3 unlike the non beta

  • Nicole Spivey

    I am doing something wrong. I am able to download, but can’t install it. I can get to the permission, I click the install button and nothing happens. I am the Nexus 5.

  • Sara Cooper

    When you try to get to the emoji menu, sometimes it doesn’t read the press of the key correctly.

  • ShiShi429

    “ space and lowercase autocorrection inserted after using punctuation like quotation marks and colons. Please fix.”

  • Javier Villarroel

    I think that you should make an option for using the number and symbol keyboard like it usually is because I don’t like the one that is being used now! I can’t get use to it, and it’s kind of slow, everything but fast.

  • mitch

    Where is the SwiftKey edit menu with arrows to select text, cut, copy, paste, etc? The stock Android edit menu is buggy and hard to work with so SwiftKey needs its own menu.

  • JHaber

    Love the emoji feature but ABSOLUTLEY hate that you only have it on black and white when selecting them. TERRIBLE! You can’t tell what color the hearts are until you select it and if it’s not what you want, there’s a lot of time wasted trying to find the right one. SEARCH, CHOOSE, TYPE, ERASE…. REPEAT. UGH.. . .Horrible. Emojis should always be IN COLOR. Even in the prediction section. Would really appreciate it if someone would make that happen. . Thanks…

  • trigun123478

    There have been lots of people requesting the change of the keyboard sounds. Yet they always ignore it. There still using the old type writer sound. Please add different sounds. I have to turn off keyboard sounds with swift key.

  • Rick Pomygalski

    Text prediction, error correction not working at all since yesterday’s update. Note 3.

  • Kdmw

    The next word suggestion bar is gone with this update. I used it all the time, please bring it back.
    I looked all through settings and just can’t find it anywhere!

    • JO_JO

      Same here

  • Kdmw

    I know integration is the goal and important but wouldn’t it be easier to just make a plug in/extension with the emoji option that can be turned on or off by the user? Just a thought…

  • Steven Lewis

    The best keyboard on the market!

  • angel sanchez

    For some reason my isnt predicting my text how can i fix that.

  • Jeremy Beamer

    Not getting the predictions that are on the regular version.. Anyone else?

  • Jow-enn Hilado Ü

    Android 4.1.2 is not supported by SwiftKey emoji? I can’t view emojis. Thats so sad.

  • Felix Edwards

    Nice addition with the emoji update but a little choppy when your going through the app searching for emojis…. But overall pretty decent.

  • Kacey

    I don’t like that the emojis when listed on the keyboard don’t look the same as when you actually select them for the text box. I want to be able to tell EXACTLY what the emoji I’m choosing looks like, not have to click on twelve different ones until I find one I like.

  • Carol Cruz

    How it works for people who bought swiftkey version?
    When I installed this one, my phone got 2 version: the payed one and the beta one.
    I want only the payed version with emoji. Is it possible?

  • Marie

    My emojis are not in color.. Has this happened to anyone?

  • Denise

    Why is predictive text not available in Beta? Must I choose between emoji (Beta) or predictions? Bummer!

  • Erin Fitzpatrick

    Won’t work with Galaxy S4 with Kitkat. “Swiftkey Beta has stopped working” continually pops up.

  • Mauronick

    flow and login with google to swiftkey Cloud don’t work
    idea of emoji is very cool
    whether it will be implemented in the next update for sure will purchase the full

  • Gamer

    The beta expires today. What do you do now?

  • Peter Hälldahl

    How can I deactivate emoji? they are terrible, dont work with other apps. cant figure out what they mean.

  • noobsonli

    can the emoji icons be changed to the ones on whatsapp? it gets confusing as some of the emojis look very different!