New beta – help us refine our simpler installer

December 4, 2013

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Hi everyone,

We’ve got a new beta for you today which we’d love your feedback on. We know new users can sometimes find installing SwiftKey a bit complicated and we believe we can make it simpler and more welcoming.

The beta we’re releasing today seeks to fix this. We’re unveiling a streamlined installer process that’s shorter and simpler.

Click to download:

To help make SwiftKey easier for new members of our community, it would be great if you could download this latest 4.4 beta, test out the new installer (it’ll send you there automatically when you download) and give us feedback on any issues you encounter.

SwiftKey 4.4 beta installer

Please direct all your feedback to the VIP Community. Not a member yet? Now’s a great time to join – it’s free, you get informed of all our latest updates first and you become a vital part of our feedback process.

In return, let us express our huge seasonal gratitude and also reassure you that we’re busy working on exciting features that we hope to bring to you very soon…

We hope you’ve been enjoying the bug fixes and number pad switch we introduced in SwiftKey 4.3.1 – here’s the latest on what that version contains and some questions we’ve had from users regarding SwiftKey Tablet.

Thanks as always for your time and feedback,

The SwiftKey team