Introducing SwiftKey Japanese beta

May 15, 2014

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SwiftKey 日本語入力が登場しました

The fastest way to type in Japanese – スマホでサクサク 日本語入力

If you are a Japanese speaker or have friends who speak Japanese then you’re in for a treat. After months of incredibly hard work from our in-house Japanese team we are excited to let you know that our Japanese beta is ready to be road-tested by you, our users. We’re inviting you to test our open beta to try out our Japanese offering and let us know exactly what you think.

What makes SwiftKey Japanese input different? Our Japanese beta will feature the following:

  • Both Japanese and English language support
  • SwiftKey Heatmap, which gives users a visual representation of how they type, and game-changing autocorrection – unique in the Japanese market and functions that we hope will revolutionize the typing experience for our first-time Japanese users!
  • Our SwiftKey Flow function in English – an additional innovation for the Japanese market
  • Emoji prediction – not only does SwiftKey have fully integrated emoji menus, emojis are also suggested as you type for fun-filled sentences
  • Personalized predictions tailored to you, learning your particular writing style across your social networks

SwiftKey Japanese also comes with a local connection in the form of Yoh Okuno, SwiftKey engineer and creator of the Japanese Social IME, a cloud based prediction system serving millions of Japanese users. Yoh has been working with the rest of the team in honing and improving the language support so that it is ready to roll out.

So how do our Japanese-speaking users get their hands on the beta? This beta is available as a standalone product to ensure our designated team can focus on the feedback from our Japanese-speaking users.

All you need to do is visit the webpage to be part of the Japanese open beta and help us make our Japanese language support even better!

It’s been in development for some time so that we could ensure the fastest and most accurate Japanese typing experience for our users. We do our utmost to respond to and resolve our users’ feedback and we are incredibly excited to hear what you think.


The SwiftKey team


  • Jean-Charles Pouplard

    One of the longest awaited languages… but looks very promissing :-). At the end, will it be part of the existing Switfkey application or will it be sold separately ?

    • Yuka

      Hi Jean, thank you for your interest in the Japanese language support. At the moment we are focused on the beta; testing, gathering feedback and implementing any improvements. As is typical of most beta testing phases, no final decision has yet been taken about the future.

  • eilegz

    hopefully Chinese its next

  • Champi

    Looking forward desperately to chinese version :(

  • Yoshi

    Japanese Beta version had expired, how can i upgrade?

  • dMario

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for Japanese language support on SwiftKey for a long time. Glad that at least the beta is out for testing.

  • Ash Menon

    Hey Swiftkey, any update to this? Is it out of beta yet?

  • Jejomar Cariaga

    may i kindly ask, is this not available yet?

  • cjewelz

    It’s almost one year since this beta was released. Is there a final version on the way?