Update brings Evernote and Google+ personalization

April 3, 2014

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Hi everyone,

Today we’re excited to announce that we’ve rolled out two great new features in an update available to all of our SwiftKey Keyboard users.

From version 4.4.5, SwiftKey can personalize from your Google+ public posts and Evernote archives. This means that our predictions and autocorrection will become even more accurate for users of these services, because SwiftKey can learn from how you’ve used language in the past. It’s especially good news if you use SwiftKey Note on an iOS device connected to Evernote, as now SwiftKey Keyboard can learn from these notes as well, making typing on Android even more productive!

Today’s update also introduces some bug fixes, including an issue in Google+ when mentioning people in posts and some forced closes and crashes. If you experience any bugs while using SwiftKey, please report them in our forums so they can be checked by our developers.

To update SwiftKey, just return to the app store you purchased it from, such as Google Play or Amazon App Store, and click update – it’s free and easy!

For the time being, emoji support is currently available in our beta, which you can get as a free download.

Thanks for all your continued support,

The SwiftKey Team

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