Hi everyone,

We’re getting closer to launching SwiftKey Flow as part of our next major SwiftKey update, but before we do, we have another beta for all of you Android users to try out!

We’ve listened to your feedback and added your top-requested features: you can now “flow” in pretty much every text field, and you can easily change or correct previously inputted words by tapping on them.

SwiftKey Flow Beta for smartphones (APK, 6.9 MB)
SwiftKey Flow Beta for tablets (APK, 6.9 MB)

Please download the APKs onto your phone or tablet, try them out, and let us know what you think in the SwiftKey VIP Community. We rely on your feedback to ensure that our apps are in the best possible shape before they hit the market.

Charlie Edmunds
Head of Consumer Insight

PS We’d love it if you could nominate our CEO Jon Reynolds for Young European Tech Entrepreneur of the Year at the Europioneers. Jon has built SwiftKey from an idea to a successful and innovative business – and he’s only just turned 27!

Changes in this version:
* Predictions (and Flow) now on in most places (exceptions: email fields, passwords, anywhere where the app doesn’t behave itself with SwiftKey, fields offering their own corrections on Android versions <= 2.2)
* Easier corrections – just tap on the word and SwiftKey will offer you 3 possibilities
* New languages: Thai, Vietnamese, Bosnian, Albanian, Javan, Sundanese (plus those added in 3.1)
* Features from SwiftKey 3.1: Berry theme, split layout in landscape on phones, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Georgian, Hindi, Hinglish, Irish, Macedonian, Spanish (Latin America) and Tagalog
* New layouts for Hindi and Russian
* Ukrainian landscape layout fixed
* Backspacing on to the final word of a multi word prediction (Flow through space)  will now give better alternatives
* Typing style now inferred rather than a setting
* Long press delete accelerates after the first word

Bugs fixed:
* Flowing off shift no longer triggers a change in shift state
* Flow no longer gets stuck when you flow off the bottom of a page
* Quick period working after single letter words
* Arrow key repeats
* Learning when sending messages or tabbing between fields with the enter key fixed
* Azeri capital i behaviour corrected
* Estonian will now predict words containing ö
* Fixed force close on Beta predictions
* Flow trace no longer left behind after flowing
* Mounting an SD card will turn predictions off only if SwiftKey language packs are stored on that SD card
* Keyclick sounds no longer doubled
* Haptic duration made consistent with flow on and off

Known issues:
* Places you still cannot Flow: email fields, passwords, anywhere where the app doesn’t behave itself with SwiftKey, fields offering their own corrections on Android versions <= 2.2
* Selecting and deleting a chunk of text in Samsung email client on SIII and Note 2 deletes text before the cursor as well as after
* Slight jitteriness when toggling between Hindi and Thai primary and secondary layouts
* Turkish i still does not capitalise correctly
* Long pressing SwiftKey mic in Google Now causes the keyboard to disappear
* Occasional surprising capitalisations of flowed words
* Flowing through space often fails after relatively unusual words
* If you experience high memory usage after installing, this may be fixed by rebooting your phone

Hi everyone,

We’re thrilled to let you know that SwiftKey has made it to the shortlist of the Europas ‘Best Startups’ awards – a list of the most innovative and exciting tech companies in Europe.

From over 1,000 entries, the shortlist is down to 200 finalist startups, split into over 20 categories. We’re delighted that SwiftKey has made it to the final round in two of these categories – ‘Best Social, Mobile or Apps Startup’ and ’Best Middleweight Startup’. We’re up against some great competition as you can see from the full shortlist here.

The Europas, dubbed ‘Europe’s Tech Oscars’, are “a celebration of the most exciting early stage enterprises in the EMEA region and the ecosystem around them”. The awards “seek to highlight the bright lights disrupting their respective industries in increasingly innovative ways.” Previous winners include Wonga.com, Mind Candy, Podio, Spotify and Soundcloud.

The winners will be announced on the 22nd January, at the Europas award ceremony in the Postbahnhof in Berlin.


Update 28th January 2013 – see our latest blog post for the newest Beta


Hi there SwiftKey fans,

Many thanks for all of your feedback regarding SwiftKey Flow beta, it has been really helpful to hear what you love, what you’re not so sure of, and of course your bug reports.

While we’ve been gathering up your feedback our developers have not been resting – they’ve been working hard on a number of performance enhancements to make SwiftKey Flow work faster and more smoothly on your devices.

Please download these APKs and leave us your feedback on our VIP Community – your comments can help shape the future of SwiftKey.

Watch this space for more updates and new features based on feedback from our awesome VIPs.

Cheers, Charlie