The ticker on the front page has just ticked over to 50,000,000,000 – that’s fifty billion keystrokes saved by SwiftKey!

We celebrated saving 10 billion keystrokes back in September, a year after SwiftKey was introduced. We thought that was pretty impressive, but in the last six months we’ve managed to save four times as many keystrokes as we did in our first year of operation. Wow!

50 billion keystrokes is:

How do we calculate this? Take a look at this picture – it shows a message that you might want to send to your friends, and also shows where SwiftKey has completed words that you started to type, and also predicted whole next words.

There are 62 characters in the message, but to type it with SwiftKey only required 30 taps. That means SwiftKey has saved you 32 keystrokes, and you are 53% more efficient. You can see your personal stats by tapping Settings> SwiftKey stats, and you can find out more about what your SwiftKey stats mean here.

Let us know how many of the 50 billion we’ve saved you by posting on our Facebook page or sending us a Tweet. If  you have any friends who have not yet converted to SwiftKey then remember they can get a 30-day free trial. The experts say that after they’ve tried SwiftKey they’ll be hooked!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Cheers, Charlie

PS Remember, saving keystrokes is not the only way in which SwiftKey makes typing easier and faster; we also have cutting-edge correction technology which corrects your typing based on the context of the sentence, its knowledge of the words you use and the way you use them, and our unique Input Modelling which understands how you interact with your touchscreen.

We’re overjoyed to let you know that SwiftKey has been nominated for two Webby Awards – the most prestigious prizes the digital industry has to offer.

We really need your help to win. In true David and Goliath style, we’re up against Google in the Mobile Experimental/Innovation category and there’s a public vote!

Webby Award NomineeThe ceremony is hosted each year by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. It honors excellence on the internet, with categories in web, interactive advertising, online video and mobile. Now in its 16th year, the awards have become known as the “Oscars of the Internet”.

Two awards are presented in each category – one judged by members of the Academy, the other by a public vote. In order to stand a chance of competing with Google for the public prize, we really need you to vote for us and help spread the word!

One fan – a Mr Stephen Fry – did just this and thanks to his 4.1 million Twitter followers, promptly crashed the Webbys site. We’re now just behind Google and every vote counts.

We love Google – after all, we built SwiftKey on their great Android platform. But we think it’s time to show everyone that the power of our incredible little app means we can beat one of the most famous and dominant companies in the world.

SwiftKey is built on a set of award-winning innovations that completely transform the way we communicate on our touchscreen phones. But we’d be nowhere without you, our incredible users, to whom we owe so much for your continued support and feedback.

Let’s prove that, thanks to all of you, we can take on one of the most famous and dominant companies in the world – and triumph.

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to the voting site and help us get back into first place, then please tell your friends to help us too. Voting closes on April 26, and we’ll find out the results on May 1.

Together, we can do it!


Photo credit: Scott Beale / Laughing Squid, via Flickr

SwiftKey isn’t just an app. It’s also a story about innovation and entrepreneurship, and how two British 20-somethings set out to create some technology that could change the way people write and communicate with each other. It’s this story that I found so compelling and which tempted me away from a career as a national news journalist to join the team.


My name is Ruth Barnett and, from today, I am SwiftKey’s Head of Communications. I will be dealing with the company’s media coverage, online presence and comms strategy. I’ve joined from Sky News, where I initially covered technology stories before becoming their first social media correspondent (also known as the Twitter correspondent!). I then covered politics for television and online.

A keen tweeter and talker, I’m really looking forward to chatting to our users. In particular, it will be great to say hello to the SwiftKey VIP community, who are so fundamental to our great app’s continued success!

This will be a huge year for SwiftKey and you can really feel the momentum. Winning Most Innovative Mobile App at the Global Mobile Awards was quickly followed by winning best start-up business at the Guardian Innovation Awards, and we’re currently neck-and-neck with Google Wallet in the Experimental/Innovation category of the Webby Awards – a real battle of David versus Goliath. (You can vote here.)

But SwiftKey is about so much more than a keyboard app. We’re an exciting startup committed to doing things in innovative and new ways. We’re a team that trusts our staff to deliver without forcing them to clock in and out each day. We frequently hold team lunches and celebrations so we can all mingle together. And we lay on regular innovation days to resist the urge to rest on our laurels, developing weird, wonderful and disruptive ideas in the process.

I’m thrilled to have joined the team. Come and say hi in the comments section below or on Twitter @RuthBarnett.


UPDATE: New SwiftKey 3 Beta details below.

Today heralds the launch of the SwiftKey 3 Beta – the latest version of our multi-award winning Android keyboard that we’ve been working flat out on for the last six months. Only three days ago as an April Fools’ prank, we jested that we’d reinvented the keyboard again. Thing is, this time we really have.

Not only do we actually have a larger spacebar with improved typing UI for you (as requested by so many users) but SwiftKey 3 is also the most advanced touchscreen keyboard the world has to offer.

We’ve cracked one of the hardest problems that exists in text entry – how to correctly determine when a user has missed spaces. With our new Smart Space technology, SwiftKey 3 figures out when you’ve missed spaces (or maybe hit a letter instead) across long strings of sloppy text. So you can type “Lleasexqllme” and SwiftKey 3 will know you mean “Please call me”. Or perhaps you type “Swidykeuvroxla”, where in fact you mean “SwiftKey rocks”. It makes typing much, much easier. You can even type a whole sentence out without hitting space once.

There are too many other innovations and improvements in SwiftKey 3 to detail here, but  notable highlights include two new beautiful themes, support for the Android backup service (so you’ll never lose learned phrases again), and support for seven new languages, including Korean and Persian (Farsi).

UPDATED MAY 4: We’ve been working very hard to bring you an update to SwiftKey 3 Beta, and we hope you’ll like it.

We’ve read all of your feedback (a pretty gigantic task) and we believe that this version is a significant improvement on the previous build.

Since the last version we have:

* Improved the UI: there is now a dedicated comma key, and the <123> key is now in the bottom-left corner. And of course you still have the larger spacebar.
* Refined the Smart Punctuation pop-up.
* Reintroduced the Long-press duration setting.
* Improved Smart Space functionality.
* Further reduced lag on some devices.
* Fixed a number of bugs, including the missing decimal point in the numpad and the “What’s New” dialog popping up all the time.

UPDATED MAY 30: We have a brand new Beta for you to try out! 

As always, we have made changes based on feedback from our VIPs, and we want to thank them for helping us to make this version of SwiftKey 3 Beta the best yet.

This new Beta has:

This version is still a Beta, and as such there are some issues that we are still working on. Rest assured, the final SwiftKey 3 will be (with your help) even better. Join our 60,000-strong VIP Community to let us know what you think of this Beta and help shape the future of SwiftKey Your feedback is very important to us, and we truly appreciate you giving your time and attention to help make SwiftKey the best keyboard on Android.

Download SwiftKey 3 Beta here
Download SwiftKey 3 Tablet Beta here
Don’t forget to leave your feedback on our VIP Community at

Happy typing,

Joe B

Chief Marketing Officer, SwiftKey

EDIT: Hope you enjoyed our April Fools Day gag! However, we do have a brand new beta with among other things a bigger spacebar coming imminently. Look out for it!

Here at SwiftKey we like to listen to our customers. We talk to you on Twitter, chat to you on Facebook, we have a VIP Community for in-depth conversations and testing out new features and functionality, and we have our public feedback forum where you can let us know what new features you’d like us to introduce.

So we know what you want, and today we’re going to give it to you.

Introducing: SwiftKey Mono – the world’s longest spacebar!

The top most-requested feature in our feedback forum is a longer spacebar. You asked for it, you got it! In fact, there’s nothing BUT spacebar! This is the longest that a spacebar can possibly be!

We believe that SwiftKey’s predictions are so good, you don’t need anything else. Who needs letters and numbers and punctuation marks? They just take up space where you could have a really long spacebar!

So look out for SwiftKey Mono in the next update (coming very soon) – and remember that the SwiftKey team always give customers what they really want.