Fantastic news from Barcelona! Seconds ago we picked up probably the most prestigious award possible in our field – the Most Innovative Mobile App at MWC’s Global Mobile Awards.

The GMAs is a bit like the Oscars for mobile, where a panel of expert judges from across the industry recognize those who show brilliance in their field. See our press release here.

The SwiftKey team in Barcelona celebrate the win

The SwiftKey team in Barcelona celebrate the win

We were up against some really tough competition, including Google Wallet and Shazam, but the judges felt our “clever technology” was a “much needed innovation that will make typing on smartphones and tablets so much easier” – and they gave the gong to us!

We’re obviously very happy about this and it wouldn’t have been possible without our incredible team – and of course our fantastic users.

See the full winners list for more.

So, thank you everyone!

p.s. the team in London have beaten us to it with the bubbly… 😛


Members of the SwiftKey team celebrate in London

Members of the SwiftKey team celebrate in London

We’re here in Barcelona for MWC to introduce some of SwiftKey’s great functionality to the mobile industry. But one question we often get is “why just Android?” or “prove you’re more than just an app”.

Today’s launch of SwiftKey SDK does just that. Our new software development kit empowers engineers in hardware and enterprise companies to use a suite of tools designed to provide an excellent typing experience in an wide range of contexts.

The SDK lets partners plug all of the power of SwiftKey’s incredible language engine directly into their device or service, to drive the most compelling text input experience on the market, based on all of our NLP and machine learning technology.

It’s cross-platform and highly flexible, and we’re really excited about what partners across the mobile, consumer electronics and enterprise industries will be able to do with it. Read more about what we have to offer, or get in touch with us today to find out how you can access the SwiftKey SDK.


You may have noticed a new ticker on our front page, declaring how many keystrokes SwiftKey has saved around the world. It’s a pretty big number, but what does it mean?

“Keystrokes saved” is one of the ways that we measure how SwiftKey has saved you time and made typing easier for you. If you type out a text message that has 50 characters in it, for example “Hi sweetie, just on my way home, see you at 7 xoxo” but you only had to tap the keyboard 30 times, then SwiftKey has saved you 20 keystrokes and you are 40% more efficient. You can check out your personal efficiency stats by going to Settings> SwiftKey Stats. We also have another blog post on what your SwiftKey stats mean.

39 billion can be pretty hard to imagine, so let’s look at it some other ways.

Some more big numbers about SwiftKey:

Pretty impressive, don’t you agree? Send us a tweet or post on our Facebook page to let us know how many keystrokes SwiftKey has saved you. If you have friends who are not yet on SwiftKey why not get them to sign up for a free trial from the Android Market or the Amazon Appstore? When they see how much easier it is to type they’ll definitely thank you.

Cheers, Charlie

PS Remember, saving keystrokes is not the only way in which SwiftKey makes typing easier and faster; we also have cutting-edge correction technology which corrects your typing based on the context of the sentence, its knowledge of the words you use and the way you use them, and our unique Input Modelling which understands how you interact with your touchscreen.

Great news!

The Guardian have just announced that SwiftKey has reached the final three for “Best Startup Business” in their 2012 Digital Innovation Awards. This category is for “technology startups and early stage companies with a truly innovative proposition”. The awards seek out cutting-edge accomplishments in the digital space, in line with the Guardian’s recent move to a digital-first strategy.

Last year’s winner was Shutl, a revolutionary delivery company which allows you to shop online with all your favorite retailers and have your items delivered within 90 minutes.

The winners will be announced on 22nd March.

Hey there SwiftKey fans,

Today’s update brings you new and improved language models, which focus more on the informal, chatty style of communication that people use when typing on their phones. These “conversational models” should make your predictions and corrections even more spookily accurate. After updating SwiftKey make sure you are using the most up-to-date language models by going to Settings > Languages & layouts, hitting the Menu button, and choosing “Update languages”.


Fancy a beer? We’re also celebrating hitting one million personalizations. When you personalize SwiftKey using your Facebook posts, Twitter tweets, Gmail emails or your blog posts, SwiftKey creates a truly personal language model based on the words and phrases that you use, so the predictions and corrections that it provides are unique to you. To personalize go to Settings > Personalization.



25% off - bargain In celebration of this, we are offering 25% off SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X for this weekend only. If your friends or family are not yet on SwiftKey now is the perfect time.