Trick or treat

Happy Halloween SwiftKeyers! No tricks from us – we have a treat for you. A new theme we call “Pumpkin”. Just download or update your SwiftKey X or SwiftKey Tablet X to the latest version ( and like magic it will be there!

Not checked out our themes before? To choose your theme hit the SwiftKey launcher key and choose Settings > Theme.

This update also fixes a number of bugs that you’ve reported, so remember to update even if orange is not your color.

Have a spooky weekend!


Great news!  The SwiftKey team has just won a Bully Award at the White Bull Summit in sunny Barcelona.  The Bully Awards are for innovation and excellence in technology companies and SwiftKey was chosen as a winner from a pool of hundreds of European companies that were nominated.

As part of the Summit, each company presented its business to a room full of investors, CEOs and other big wigs.  SwiftKey didn’t just win the attention of the judges but also drew admiration from the audience.  In the Q&A session following our presentation, a couple of “questions” were really just people sharing their love for SwiftKey with comments like “I just downloaded it now and it’s amazing that it knows what I’m thinking in Dutch!” and “I’ve used all the competitive products and yours is the best by far!”  Which I guess bodes well for more successes to come … go SwiftKey!

This one is for the Android nerds out there!

Today, at DroidCon UK 2011, I presented the TouchType way of dealing with configuring Android APKs. We’ve come up with a clean framework to generate different APKs from a single source tree according to given feature requirements. (Our system is a bit clever than the slides suggest, but it gives you a good basis to start from.)

Download the presentation slides here

My question to you is this: If we open-sourced our framework for APK configuration would you find it beneficial?


Speed typing winner Rachael Loncar with her prize

Hello everyone!

We’re writing from Austin, Texas, where today the Big Android BBQ concluded with an awesome bang. SwiftKey X user Rachael Loncar managed to type the Guinness World Record speed typing text in just 10.7 seconds during the event’s typing competition, smashing the current record of 35.54 seconds. She won the event’s typing competition using her HTC Evo 4G and was given a brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as a prize.

Attendees at the event were able to compete in the speed typing competition on day one by typing the phrase “The little green Android jumped over the lazy Apple.” The ten fastest competitors were then invited back on stage today to type the more challenging Guinness World Record speed typing sentence, which is:

“The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.”

Rachael Loncar, a passionate SwiftKey X user, said she was able to enter the phrase in an astonishing 10.7 seconds thanks to our keyboard’s great prediction technology.

We also celebrated having over 5,000 Twitter followers by giving the first person to come find us today a special “I am a beautiful person” mirror. Well done!

I hope everyone who came to Austin really enjoyed themselves, and we look forward to seeing you all next time!