Hi all. We’re pushing an update out to SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X today that adds a bunch of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

The highlights are:

We also have the following improvements and bug fixes:


Bug Fixes:

We hope you like the update! It should be rolling out across all major app stores in the next day or so.




Ahoy there me hearties! For one week only SwiftKey is embracing piracy… of the seafaring kind!

Monday September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and to celebrate this, in conjunction with the relaunch of the SwiftKey VIP community, we have created a special keyboard – PirateKey X!

Our VIPs can be Very Important Pirates with this special fun version of SwiftKey X which helps you to not just Talk Like a Pirate but also to text, tweet, and email like a pirate.

D’ye want t’join our crew? Get ye to vip.swiftkey.net and if ye can correctly answer the tricksy riddle ye can join the crew of the good ship SwiftKey. If ye answers wrong, ye walks the plank!

If ye have a parrot on yer shoulder squawkin’ and twitterin’ why not follow us on Twitter and tweet with the hashtag #TweetLikeAPirate? If ye be a non-tweeting landlubber ye can drink a mug o’grog with us on Facebook instead.

Arr, we be lookin’ forward t’ hearin’ yer tweets and yer piratey sayings. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

Cap’n Charlie “Cat O’Nine Tails”

Since introducing SwiftKey to the world a year ago, our handy little app has saved the world over 10 billion keystrokes. Yes, that’s 10,000,000,000 taps of the screen that we have saved your thumbs. Ten thousand million times that our users’ poor, overworked fingers have been given a little rest.

To celebrate, we’re giving three lucky SwiftKey fans a brand new VIZIO Tablet — which comes bundled straight out of the box with our very own SwiftKey Tablet X.

To enter, all you need to do is make sure you’re following us on Twitter, and then Tweet how many characters you’ve saved with SwiftKey, along with the hashtag #SKX10bn, like so:

How much of the 10 billion do you make up? Go to Settings > Stats and check out how many keystrokes SwiftKey has saved you. Don’t have SwiftKey yet? Download a free trial (which launched today!) and post that you’re a newbie, along with our hash tag!

We’ll choose one lucky winner at random at the end of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and then DM them — so make sure you’re following us and Tweet this week!

Ten billion is a pretty big number, don’t you agree? Almost too big to hold it in your head.

So how about we turn it into something more real?

And that’s just half the story… smart typo correction isn’t even factored in here — one of SwiftKey’s other major time-saving benefits :-)

So get Tweeting and Good Luck!

Alongside the great news that we’ve saved our users over 10 billion keystrokes, and the competition that accompanies that, we have a couple of other things to announce.

First, our trial apps also launch today for SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X, which means that new users can  have a month trying these award-winning keyboards for free.

Second, we support an additional six languages now, bringing the total to 28! SwiftKey X now supports:

See more in our press release below!


Phones are for making phone calls, right? Not any more, according to the results from our latest survey. We asked over 30,000 phone and tablet users what they really thought about their devices, in partnership with Smartphone Experts (the folks behind Android Central, among other great blogs).

When we asked users what they mainly do with their smartphones, more said they use their devices for communicating in writing — such as by SMS or email — and for checking news, sports or weather, than for making voice calls.

How often do you do the following on your phone

When upgrading or buying a new smartphone, users were clear about what matters most to them. Having a good ecosystem of available apps was top request, second to being able to type easily — which was considered more important than phone battery life, appearance, or brand.

What's important when buying a new smartphone

Given that typing is a very important feature to users, we asked them if they actually thought the default text entry experience on their phones was any good. The majority said “no”, especially among Android users. When asked to rate typing on their phones, only 33% of Android users said it was “very good” or “excellent” — a stark contrast to the 82% who said the same of their Android handsets in general.

The one exception, predictably, to the “typing is difficult” rule was Blackberry: RIM users rated the default typing experience on their phones higher than they rated their phones overall!

Rate your phone

Among phone users generally, brand loyalty was pretty low on Android versus other manufacturers. We asked: “When you upgrade your smartphone, will you buy from the same manufacturer?” Over 50% of Apple and RIM users said they would stick with their manufacturer, but of the Android manufacturers only HTC showed a similar level of loyalty.

Would you buy another phone the same

Given that we make SwiftKey, which replaces the Android keyboard to use smart predictions that anticipate what you’re likely to say next, we asked users if they thought it made a big difference to the user experience on their phones.

SwiftKey scored significantly higher than users’ default keyboards or than Swype on error correction, learning new words, word prediction, and general ease-of-typing. Not only that, but survey respondents actually rated their whole phone as significantly better with SwiftKey installed.

Your phone with SwiftKey

More insights from our survey are available below the break. If you’d like to take part in our next survey, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or sign up to our mailing list.