To celebrate the launch of Amazon’s new Appstore for Android, we’re giving SwiftKey away in the store for one day only today – Saturday March 26. Head over to our page on Amazon to read all about it.

To take advantage of the deal, you need to have a US billing address and download the Amazon Appstore client to your Android phone. It’s pretty easy and only takes a moment, as explained here.

So, if you or any of your friends and family have yet to get SwiftKey, now is a great moment to do so!


Edit: Appears this deal kicks in at midnight Pacific Daylight Time, for all those wondering why it’s not there yet 😉

Good news from our time at CTIA Wireless in Orlando, Florida – we were awarded second place in the Emerging Technology Awards for SwiftKey Tablet, in the productivity, utility and public safety mobile apps category.

This is fantastic news, as it really recognizes the hard work we have been putting in to innovating in the tablet text entry space. The app, which is currently under beta in our VIP forum (sign up at is set for launch soon.

Please see our press release here.




Hi everyone,

We’ve just released a new smartphone beta version of SwiftKey! It’s getting lots of great feedback, so make sure you head over and check it out in the VIP forum. If you’re not yet registered as a SwiftKey VIP, we are accepting new applications at the moment to allow as many people as possible to try out our new breakthrough technology.

Also, we know many of you are waiting to try out the new tablet version of SwiftKey, optimized for Honeycomb. Well, the good news is it’s going through internal testing, and we should have a beta ready for you within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your patience, and watch this space!



Well, we haven’t even launched it yet, but we learned last night that SwiftKey Tablet has reached the finals for this year’s CTIA Emerging Technology Awards, held in Orlando, Florida, on March 23.

We’re very pleased about this, and to celebrate I thought I’d write a little blog post to let you know where we stand with development of SwiftKey Tablet (lots of Xoom users are eager to get their hands on it!).

We’re just going through the final phases of developing Fluency 2, the new prediction engine that will run underneath future versions of SwiftKey and SwiftKey Tablet. This will hit our VIP group in the form of a new beta version of SwiftKey for smartphones in the coming days (if things go to plan…).

If this round of testing goes well (we’re optimistic!!) then we’ll aim to release a beta version of SwiftKey Tablet soon after to our VIPs. From there, we’ll be collecting feedback, refining the app, and will hope to get it out onto the Android Market in due course.

So, if you’d like to get involved, please sign up to our VIP group. We’ll be selecting Xoom users in there to test the new software in due course, so it’d be great to hear from you all.