Hi everyone,

Great news from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona! Last night we were chosen by a panel of expert judges as Dot Open’s Mobile Premier Awards as the Best App of the Year. The competition was tough — we pitched live alongside 19 other fantastic apps. We are over the moon!

Find out more in our press release below!




Meet the INQ Keyboard. It comes embedded on INQ’s new Cloud Touch and Cloud Q phones, launched ahead of MWC today, and we’re super-excited about it. The Cloud range of phones developed by the London-based hardware manufacturer are the first Android devices to embed the Fluency prediction engine technology that lies under SwiftKey… but what’s more, they’re the first Android phones to take full advantage of Facebook’s new mobile APIs. Together, they offer the best social messaging experience on a smartphone, period.

Get more info about it via our press release, below!



SwiftKey Tablet for Android Honeycomb

Hi everyone, I’m Chetan and I’ve been working on SwiftKey Tablet, our new keyboard app designed alongside Google for the launch of Android Honeycomb.

Check out our CTO Ben introducing some of the features on our YouTube video here. And see our press release for SwiftKey Tablet here!

Our team has been hard at work at work over the last few weeks to bring a new “holographic,” tablet-optimized version of SwiftKey to Honeycomb tablets and we’re really proud of what we’ve built. We’ve put all the smarts of SwiftKey and our next-generation Fluency prediction engine, together with new keyboard layouts to make tablets easier to type on than ever, with one hand or two.

Honeycomb’s backwards compatibility is unprecedented. We got SwiftKey working on Honeycomb with very little effort, though we had some changes to make when moving to a larger device! Honeycomb also handles multiple processors flawlessly, allowing us to support more simultaneous languages and more UI glitz!

We’re using Honeycomb’s brand new animation framework and hardware acceleration to create some super-slick animations that look great and don’t get in your way. When you combine this with our brand new Honeycomb-inspired “holographic” theme you get a beautiful, seamless typing experience.

It’s been a pleasure developing for Honeycomb, and there’ll be more to come. Watch this space!